Best Hoboken Waterfront Restaurant?

Poll: What is the best Hoboken waterfront restaurant?

Considering the length of the waterfront here in town, the number of riverfront dining options to choose from is rather limited. That said, what is the best Hoboken waterfront restaurant we have?

Most of the places are indeed downtown. We used to have LUA uptown, but that has remained closed since the waterfront collapsed – and is still in danger. I would have included The Turning Point in the choices, but their hours are so limited, and the distractions of strollers make it a null option anyway. It’s too bad that Maxwell Place didn’t opt to have a nice waterfront eatery – as their views are amongst the least obstructed. Instead we have Apple Montessori School, 16 Handles FroYo, and a Dentist. Pure excitement!

Best Hoboken waterfront restaurant - Best Hoboken Waterfront Restaurant?[poll id=”199″]

Happy eating!

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