The wrong message for kids in Hoboken!

Hey Hoboken Parents: Why teach kids to use plastic money?

Walking by a Hoboken park the other day, I found this “toy” on the sidewalk. A plastic piece labeled “My ATM Card.” Now if this isn’t the single worst “toy” for a child, I don’t know what is!

Yeah, I know – some parents will probably say that it’s OK to emulate what Mommy and Daddy do – but in the case of teaching kids a sensible way of living when they’re adults, using plastic money (credit cards) is NOT it!

To any parent that has this “toy” in their repertoire, I recommend teaching the kid how to shred this card, and use strictly CASH or precious metals to buy their imaginary belongings.

But then again, programming the populace has to continue, and they start planting the seeds early and often. Don’t say I didn’t warn you of the signs!

My ATM Card toy for children a bad idea in Hoboken NJ - The wrong message for kids in Hoboken!

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