Hoboken Gem: Ultramarino’s

Ultramarino’s is one of the most special Hoboken places

Ultramarinos is a truly special Hoboken Gem - Hoboken Gem: Ultramarino'sIf I had to pick just one place in Hoboken that “stands out” as the most unique, special place – that place would be Ultramarino’s at 260 3rd Street.

We’ve written positively about Ultramarino’s in the past – but each time you visit the one-of-a-kind cafe/eatery run by famed award-winning Chef Marciel Presilla (who also owns nearby Zafra Kitchen and Cucharamama), you just smile ear to ear and are thankful it exists in Hoboken.

Everything about Ultramarino’s is a smash hit.

From the tasty coffee, out of this world pastries (use sparingly if low-carb though), delectable sandwiches that even come in mini bite-sized versions, savory soups – to mouth-watering finger food like empenadas and my favorite – the ham croquettes, nothing is done wrong at Ultramarino’s.

The best part is the complete unassuming nature of the place. You almost feel like you’re in a (better) foreign country.

Also check out the excellent decorations and artifacts – as well as the imported chocolates (I love the orange dark chocolate personally).

If you really want to “wow” friends and family – buy a big spread of goodies at Ultramarino’s for your next holiday or social gathering. I’m telling you EVERYONE will be asking you “where did you get this amazing food?”

It’s just your call to decide whether you want to keep this amazing secret to yourself, or share it with the world like I just did!

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joey maxim
joey maxim
Tuesday, November 12, 2013 2:29 pm

zarfa when clara owned it she made the best Cuban flat sandwichs and fruit juice wow

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