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12/5/2008 Update:

Not sure if anyone noticed, but a couple weeks ago “I Love Sushi” all of a sudden needed “interior renovations.”

Why would that happen at a place that just opened? Did anyone eat there regularly?


See previous wacky sign updates after the jump…

7/25/2008 Fun Update:

Every now and then it’s fun to pick up on the sillier things in Hoboken. Like this sign over at “I Love Sushi” on 13th Street.


Hey, we all make mistakes (like I do almost every day), but this is funny. Depending on how you read it, you might interpret this in many ways…

“We Closed Monday”
– What? You closed forever? Now where will I get my sushi in Hoboken?

– What is “ciosed?” A new term from the Zoning Board?

(If reading after Monday) “We Closed Monday”
– Yeah, so? You’re open now, so who gives a crap? How come no sign “We opened Tuesday?”

Sigh. I wish I had summer hours or something like that.

2/27/2008 Update:

“I Love Sushi” is now open in Hoboken.

Has anyone eaten there yet? If so, let us know what you think.



Well, I just “like” sushi from time to time, but here we have a new Sushi place opening up on 13th Street between Clinton & Grand (near the Basic Cafe that opened last year.) I forgot what was there before.. some kind of office.

Maybe they can somehow squeeze some pizza in the place too?


Description: Sushi restaurant coming soon
Address: between 356 & 364 13th St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone, Web, etc: TBD

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[quote comment=”121952″]On another note, wishing someone’s business to fail is pretty shitty.[/quote]

Ahhh – nothing beats a little Friday evening sanctimoniousness. Well done.


“We are closed for interior renovations and We apologize for inconvenience”

That’s funny, my parents used that line whenever we wanted to take a long (2-3) time-off/vacation from the hoagie shop when I as a kid. Sometimes we would stop by while “off” and hide in the kitchen when a bunch of customers pulled into the parking lot.

On another note, wishing someone’s business to fail is pretty shitty.


I hope this place is doomed. Anything up there (other than another dry cleaners, nail salon, or realtor’s office) would be better than “generic Hoboken sushi place #289”.


I don’t eat there regularly, but do walk past it frequently on my way home. That sign has been up for at least a couple of weeks, but have yet to see anyone working in there and/or any renovations made. Doomed list.


That this sushi restaurant is closed on Mondays makes sense and is probably in our best interests. I hear that sushi restaurants generally receive their fish shipments on Tuesdays, so eating sushi on Monday would basically be equivalent to eating week old fish.