Ricardo Roig & Hoboken Artists Tour

Hoboken Artists Tour featuring Ricardo Roig

Wow, the “arts scene” here in Hoboken is dwindling more than ever. While the folks over in Jersey City promote local artists heavily (they had over 500 exhibitions in a recent studio tour last month), seems like people have given up on it in Hoboken. Even last year, the Hoboken Artists Studio Tour had over 170 participants, this year, it’s down to barely 80.

For the most part, this weekend’s Hoboken Artists Studio Tour received little or no mention elsewhere. One local news rag touched on it, but featured a “Manhattan based photographer!” Why feature a non-Hoboken artist for the Hoboken tour? Ridiculous.

The main points to check out where you can see the largest concentration of work in the shortest amount of time are:

Hoboken Artists Studio Tour 2013 November 9 10 - Ricardo Roig & Hoboken Artists Tour

Ricardo Roig art in massive new Hoboken space

So – if you decide to do something that isn’t an “app,” the Artists Studio Tour takes place this Saturday and Sunday, November 9th & 10th from 12pm to 6pm.

Be sure to also check out phenomenal artist Ricardo Roig, too. He has a new space down at 51 Harrison Street (2nd floor – look for the bright red doors). In this 1600 square foot studio he shares with photographer and long time friend Ryan Johnson, he’ll be debuting some of his new “Oil on Canvas” works (he’s taken a break from the amazing screen prints for now.)

Pictured below is a 36″ x 48″ work called “Encore.”

Hope you all enjoy!

Ricardo Roig Hoboken Artists Studio Tour 51 Harrison Street - Ricardo Roig & Hoboken Artists Tour

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