Holiday Fun: Key & Peele

Great comedy: Key & Peele

You ever see something so funny, that you find yourself thinking about it and chuckling inside for days, weeks and even months later? Key & Peele does that to me. Like a “time-released” humor pill that is so effective, you don’t need to watch too much to be entertained for a long time after!

A couple years ago, we mentioned Key & Peele here on Hoboken411. And since we don’t watch much entertainment overall – decided to spend a few minutes seeing what this dynamic comic duo was up to. Jeez – my sides still hurt.

A perfect way to enrich your time on this holiday Monday!

Key & Peele – Proud Thug

I’ve been laughing about this for a long time. A stubborn “gangsta” just refuses to change his mind. Something so hilarious about this simple comedic concept. Why be so limiting?

Key & Peele – Hell’s Kitchen Parody

Brilliant emphasis on how ridiculous those cooking shows are.

Key & Peele – LMFAO’s Non-Stop Party

See some other classics below!

Key & Peele quality humor!


Giving up TV over two years ago (and switching to old fashioned reading) was one of the best decisions of my life. How do I know this? Because when I do happen to “catch a glimpse” of television programming – it is painful to watch the incessant mind-numbing hammering of propaganda and hidden messages. Whew!

But thanks to the internet, I was able to stumble upon a “diamond in the rough” – Key & Peele (which is on Comedy Central). These guys are of MAD TV fame, and have some hilarious skits. Worth checking out if you want a small dose of entertainment. Below are a few of my favorite skits. Warning – use in moderation, and don’t get too hooked!


Key & Peele – Substitute Teacher

An “inner city” substitute teacher in the suburbs. “A-A-Ron.” Hilarious.

Key & Peele – Dubstep

Dubstep music is a bit “frenetic” and it’s side-splitting to see what happens when someone is exposed for the first time.

Key & Peele – Dueling Hats

The nonsense that happens when one guy has to “out do” the other with those ridiculous hats with all the tags still left on them.

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Friday, November 8, 2013 4:12 pm

Good find! Never heard of these guys either. I’ll subscribe to their channel on YouTube.

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