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Cut 1 Floral Design – Hoboken, NJ – 359 3rd Street

We sort of missed this business entry in Hoboken (partly because they’re by appointment only), but did you know about Cut 1 Floral Design over at 359 3rd Street?

Cut 1 Floral Design is apparently one hot item in the world of flower arrangements for events and special occasions. “Our founder, Susan Alvarez, trained with one of the most influential floral designers in the U.S., Ira Mitchell Steinman. “Although I’ve since worked with and learned from many talented designers,” she says, “the fundamentals I learned under Ira’s guidance will always be evident in my work.” Cut 1 Floral Design’s unique work can be seen in some of the finest hotels, restaurants, apartment buildings, and corporate headquarters in New York and New Jersey; and we’re proud to be one of the most sought after florists for weddings and special events in the region.”

Check them out the next time you have the need for fancy flowers!

Cut 1 Floral Design Hoboken NJ Sue Alvarez 359 3rd Street

Description: Influential Floral Designer.
Address: 359 Third Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030 (by appointment only)
Phone: 201-216-0459
Online: cut1floral.comTwitterFacebook

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