Hoboken cops patrol parks too

Residents confused about Hoboken Cops and patrols

We received this photo and message from a Hoboken resident recently:

“I just hate how Hoboken cops have such a sense of entitlement. They are always driving and parking their cars on the pier for no good reason!”

Hoboken police car drives through Maxwell Park on a detail check - Hoboken cops patrol parks too

Dear blockhead resident: They are called “detail checks”

Maybe this resident got scolded by the cop for doing something wrong, like not picking up dog poop, and had to “lash out” like this – who knows. But here’s a little primer. When a police officer drives through places like Maxwell Place (pictured above), or any other park for that matter (Pier A Park, Elysian Park, etc.) they’re doing something called a “detail check.”

Each shift – officers are assigned certain areas to patrol to ensure things are on the “up and up.” Without these regular patrols – you’d have more homeless people hanging out and other nefarious activities that would certainly scare the bejesus out of a typical stroller mom or entitled boob.

Next time one of the Hoboken cops is keeping the neighborhood safe – maybe saying “hello” and “thank you” might yield a better outcome?

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joey maxim
joey maxim

funny the complainers don’t see a cop when there is a problem ,but complain when a
vehicle patrols the area aka pier streets..no win situation..funny stuff..typical of the whiners and such..Next week it will be regard to the stroller moms..every day is an
adventure.. : ❓


When you are at the pier in the early morning or late evening I like to see them drive by and patrol .


Blockhead? LMAO. I love it.
Gotta be from one of those people you have to differentiate from YUPPIES.
I call them YUPP’S (young uppity prissy people) who make this town miserable.