NYE – Drunk Livery Driver!


Here’s a horrible story from a Hoboken411 reader who acted responsible in arranging for a taxi on New Year’s Eve to avoid drinking and driving.

Ironic New Year’s Eve Taxi Hell-Ride

hoboken-drunk-taxi-ride-new-years.jpg“Rather than driving this New Year’s Eve to a house party 25 minutes from Hoboken, we made the responsible decision and hired a car service, New Millennium Car Service of Union, NJ. Assuming we would want to have a few drinks, we were willing to pay the additional holiday fee to drive us back and forth from the party to ensure a safe evening.

After some confusion about our return pickup time, our driver, more than 1 hour late, was pulled over on Route 17 on the way back to Hoboken. He failed a sobriety test and was arrested. Yes, we were still in the car. The Bergen County Sheriff’s Department was very polite to us and waited with us until New Millennium sent us a replacement driver to pick us up. We waited more than 1 hour for the driver.

Our scheduled 1:00 AM pickup time got us back to Hoboken at 4:15 AM. New Millennium Car Service suggested that we pay only $50, rather than the $70 for the return trip “since we had been through so much.” I didn’t pay the driver at all, and called Armando, the dispatcher to explain why. Rather than apologizing to us for what we’ve been through, Armando tells me that I was wrong to not have paid and that “he could have left us on the road” as an alternative. In the background, the Manager, whose name I believe was Sal, was yelling obscenities directed at me, because he lost money on the ride.

The most disappointing aspect of the evening was the lack of empathy for the situation. Not only was the driver late in picking us up, but got arrested and never once did we feel as though New Millennium Car Service cared about our well being or retaining a customer. Thankfully we were pulled over because we could have gotten into a serious accident.”

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None of those car services that advertise in the weekly mailers honor their coupons. They’re all a bunch of bait and switch crooks and liars.


Just saw this thread. These guys are advertising in the weekly mailers (I usually throw them out)

Just a warning, do NOT use Millennium taxi (advertisement came in the weekly mailer)

Things went wrong:
1) 20 minutes late picking up to airport
2) Dispatch was extremely rude when asking why driver was 20min late.
3) driver would not stfu during ride
4) driver just about missed turn to njtp (had to tell him where to go)
*5) car had a bunch of empty beer cans in the back
6) driver was being passed by EVERY car on the highway even after asking him to go quickly because of being late
7) made us dig out $1.15 in change for toll (why not just take it out when I pay for taxi?)
8) best part, ad in weekly mailer said $25 to EWR “No coupon necessary” Verified on the phone. When we get to EWR driver states that the total is $40, wtf? He called in and they didn’t know about a $25 mailer. bait and switch.

Just a warning, do NOT to use Millennium taxi, the ad in the weekly mailer.


Something that rules: when you type in “New Millennium Car Service” on Google (in quotes), this thread comes up #1. Their website comes up #2…

Just to make sure…”New Millennium Taxi”

hoboken hammer
hoboken hammer

I hate to generalize but most of these cab drivers and dispatchers are crooks.

Someone mentioned Travel, I refuse to use them – my buddy from work was meeting me at Newark airport as we were traveling for business at the same time. He left his cell and blackberry in the cab, called 5 mins later when he realized it. Cabbie returned it to his building (after charging him for that ride of course) and stole his cell phone. Returned the blackberry. He was out of town checking his activity online and noticed all these numbers he didn’t know. Decided to call them up and nobody who picked up spoke English. Ridiculous. Called the company and told them, had the cell phone records to back it up and they wouldn’t do anything. Crooks protecting crooks.


Wow! All I can say.