PUC Fine Jewelry – Doomed

PUC Fine Jewelry – Doomed (evicted)

Boy, less than a year and a half after opening – PUC Fine Jewelry is but a faint memory on Washington Street.

There were eviction notices on the door, and a brand-spanking new “for rent” sign on the railing. Like I said just a few months ago, Jewelry Stores are a tough business in Hoboken.

PUC Jewelry Hoboken NJ evicted - PUC Fine Jewelry - Doomed

Description: Jewelry Store FOR RENT.
Address: 1026 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030

PUC Fine Jewelry – Hoboken, NJ – 1026 Washington St.

12/21/2013 Update:

The old nail salon turned jewelry store officially has a name: PUC Fine Jewelry, and will be opening up this weekend.

The inventory will consist of quality “artisan” jewelry hand made here in the USA up in northeast (Vermont, New Hampshire, etc.)

Low end silver pieces will start in the hundreds, and the “sky’s the limit” for their higher-end merchandise. Nice to see it’s a unique selection of products, and not just another “one of many,” which happens all the time in Hoboken (falafel, yogurt, etc.) The owner said that the product line would expand in the first year to include other items, such as watches.

Good luck, PUC!

PUC Fine Jewelry Hoboken NJ 1026 Washington Street - PUC Fine Jewelry - Doomed

Jewelry Store Slated for 1026 Washington Street in Hoboken

11/1/2013 Update:

Jewelry Store Coming Soon to Hoboken NJ 1026 Washington Street - PUC Fine Jewelry - DoomedWe might be getting close a trend here. Word on the street is that a “high end” jewelry store is taking the place of the old Navarra Nail Salon which closed up shop this past summer at 1026 Washington Street.

Now while we all know that “quality” jewelry is typically considered “generational” or even “heirloom” for the most part. Whether it’s top-notch rings, diamonds, and necklaces – to premium time pieces, etc., products that are “made to last,” are for the most part very costly and have a narrow demographic.

A couple questions:

  1. Is there enough “discretionary income” in Hoboken to support an upper-echelon type fine jewelry store?
  2. Has anyone re-considered how they spend such income? Like diverting to more essential items?

The answers to those questions will likely determine whether this store survives or not. Good luck!

Jewelry Store Hoboken NJ 1026 Washington Street - PUC Fine Jewelry - Doomed

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