Hoboken GPS spottings October 2013

Hoboken GPS – External Brains

Common Sense with Hoboken GPS units - Hoboken GPS spottings October 2013Continuing the monthly “PSA Photo Gallery,” Hoboken GPS Spottings (a reminder that it is completely moronic to EVER leave your GPS units behind in your vehicles.) No matter what time of day or night, it’s just not a good idea. Like leaving money on the dash!

Remember, never makes sense to leave valuables in plain sight. And this goes for the brackets – and even the suction cup marks they leave behind. “Hiding” your junk in the car won’t prevent damage.

Great Christmas gift for those who have become reliant on such “technology…” A paper road atlas! That is, of course, if they still know how to read, etc.

By planning and studying your trip before hand, not only helps if your GPS happens to break, but it also strengthens the brain and improves memory. Have a nice day!

About Hoboken GPS spottings

The Hoboken GPS Spotting feature exists, not for the purpose of publicly “shaming” anyone, but rather to raise awareness that it’s not in your best interest to leave items of value in plain sight. If people chose common sense over convenience or carelessness, perhaps we can provide fewer opportunities for petty criminals to get away with an easy grab.

If this feature just saves one person from being victimized, then it’s worth it to me.

What do you prefer? The hassle of filing a police report and fixing your car? Or taking a few seconds of extra time to prevent it?

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