Hoboken Political Digest – 10/30/2013

Hoboken Political Digest – Oct. 30th – Vote this Tuesday!

With the 2013 Municipal Election in less than one week, here’s what’s been happening on the campaign trails here in Hoboken.

Occhipinti gets out there!

Wow – did you realize that 4th Ward Councilman Tim Occhipinti has done more for Hoboken in the past four years – as a volunteer – than Dawn Zimmer has as a six-figure bobble head receiving property-taxpayer funded family health care?

Here’s a slide show they recently put out of the various ways Tim has been involved in the community here.

See what the campaign slate of Tim Occhipinti (1J), Frank Raia (5K), Peter Biancamano (6K) and Britney Montgomery-Cook (7K) have to say here: onehoboken.com.

Ramos cuts to the heart of the matter

Meanwhile, the Ruben Ramos (3J) team has been trying to advise residents that they are NOT properly being represented by Zimmer.

Here’s a few screen-shots from their recent flier. Pretty good, actually!

Ruben Ramos Hoboken NJ Mayor Flier 1

Ruben Ramos Hoboken NJ Mayor Flier 2

Zimmer boasts about normality and fantasy

Once again, Zimmer must be conserving “money” because she feels she’s a shoe-in. Perhaps. But WHO is looking at her “books” while they assume they’re winning? They must have hundreds of thousands of dollars in their war-chest! I’ve also heard from some residents that campaign workers were trespassing in apartment buildings to hand out leaflets, often leaving them in hallways unsolicited.

Either way – a lot of residents laughed at the one flier that was recently sent out. Dawn’s pitch is “hey, I wasn’t arrested” and “I kept YOU safe during a hurricane.” Really? C’mon. Who dreams this stuff up?

Hoboken Dawn Zimmer believes her own bullshit while protecting corrupt Ravi Bhalla

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