Hoboken Parking Solution: Parks?

What would be your Parking Solution for Hoboken?

Hoboken Parking Solution IdeasThere are countless theories out there on how to achieve an amicable parking solution in Hoboken. They range from “build more garages” to “coerce idiots to relinquish their personal freedoms by signing up to social cars!”

The proponents of additional parking spots are met with dissenters who say that it would only “invite even more people to spend money here and clog our streets!”

While “fan boi’s” of the socialistic car-sharing programs convinced themselves that thousands of cars have “evaporated” as people mindlessly flock to a dirty car that some fat slob with HPV and Swine Flu just drove home from the pharmacy.

Hoboken411’s “outlandish” idea is that there are simply TOO MANY people in Hoboken. And without the world class subway NYC has, population growth in Hoboken really ought to be truncated or drastically reduced. Like now. But what do we know? We only have a pair of 20/20 eyes and a couple decades of observational experience. Meh! Nothing a robotic traffic video surveillance camera couldn’t ascertain in 10 minutes, right? Hmmph.

Regardless of the ongoing debate – we stumbled on a great NEW solution as we meandered through Elysian Park (which is getting conveniently upgraded the week before election day) – DUMP ALL the parks and convert them into parking lots! Take a look at how they demonstrated how effective it was! What a beautiful day too. No coincidence, I’ll tell you that!

Cars in Elysian Park parking problems solved in Hoboken NJ

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I totally agree that politicians are unable to see the larger picture with development and overall population. They taste political favors, increased tax revenue and maybe even improving certain blocks in Hoboken. Good on paper? Without looking at all the pieces in the puzzle you have a bigger problem down the line. The situation is not limited to Hoboken, but also on a county, state and federal level. Detroit, hello! And not just the current mayor but going back many many decades. Can’t realistically be fixed. These issues will remain indefinitely under the status quo. But what is sad is that the pie in the sky mentality persists even with a history lesson that proves otherwise. My mom was known for saying… When will they ever learn? That answer? Never.