NY Giants Marketing

Do the NY Giants Marketing signs actually work?

You ever wonder about all the marketing that goes into particular sports teams – as well as the beer that is consumed in Hoboken during a particular sport season?

Having not watched TV in years, and disassociating from any “professional” sports team – you begin to piece it all together. Legal booze and pro sports are the modern-day “bread and circus” meant to keep everyone occupied. Fascinating, actually. In addition to all the people donning team jerseys every weekend – the repetitive marketing of cheap (swill) beer like Bud Light or Coors Light comes along with it. Why do people drink that crap?

Anyway, here’s a sign spotted on the way into Hoboken. “Giants Fans Believe.” First of all, what the hell is that supposed to mean? Does that get your average idiot “pumped up” about the NY Giants, and make him or her RUN to the liquor store to pick up a case of Bud Light? I think it does actually – judging by the number of zombies I see walking up and down the streets with 12-packs of this horrible fluid.

Giants Fans Believe Bud Light Billboard - NY Giants Marketing

Go Blue or Go Home Billboard – backfires?

And this gem of a campaign from Coors Light is on Washington Street. “Go Blue or Go Home.” Based on the pathetic season Eli Manning and The Giants are having – I think this sign would make everyone who isn’t a Giants fan actually go home. Maybe that’s why numbers are down in local bars this season (fair weather fans are now rooting for the Jets or something…)

Either way – I wonder who actually comes up with these slogans in the respective marketing departments. How much thought and effort went into it? About the same as when someone composes a Tweet?

I suppose in due time – the next great billboard slogan will simply say “Duh.” And people will still flock to the store and mindlessly open their wallets. Welcome to America, people!

Ever see that brilliant move Idiocracy? Check it out.

NY Giants Go Blue or Go Home Coors Light Beer Billboard Hoboken NJ - NY Giants Marketing

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Most die hard sports fans are perfect consumers.