Excessive Hoboken signs & markings?

Excessive Hoboken Signs – At what point is it enough?

Have you noticed over the years, that traveling from point A to point B is getting more and more distracting? I call it excessive Hoboken signs & markings.

Street signs, blinking lights, arrows, bike lanes, regulations, and other road markings almost everywhere you look? Is it making the town safer? Or worse? And who foots the bill?

Excessive Hoboken signs and government does it make anyone safer

Do you need to pay forever for keeping yourself safe?

One thing you ought to realize is – that the more you expect the “government” to provide these so-called safety measures (instead of you using common sense), the more the residents will be on the hook to PAY for them. In perpetuity!

The new control measures recently installed along 12th Street are a good example. Parking bollards, faux “curb cutouts,” and more and more paint. This stuff is not free, offers a barely negligible safety improvement and might even make it less safe since everything is narrower. And the cost to maintain will remain for as long they’re there.

These things should not be forced on property taxpayers. If a block wishes to pool their own money – and paint and maintain this type of measure themselves? Sure, the city should allow it. But only via voluntarily opting in.

12th Street Curb Cutouts Hoboken NJ

“Being safe” also ruins the property of others in Hoboken

Lastly – painting for the “sake of safety” comes with other downsides as well.

Take a look at this poor car. They were re-painting some bike lane in town recently – and the dopes spilled the paint and wrecked this perfectly clean car. This happened near 9th & Clinton Streets. So now the city essentially vandalizes cars. Are you seeing “the big picture” yet? If people just took care of themselves and “treaded lightly,” all this “overhead” would be unnecessary, and the city government could be “lean and mean.” Instead – it’s “bloated and moronic.”

car gets covered with bike lane paint in Hoboken NJ

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Friday, October 25, 2013 5:39 pm

It’s never about safety. It’s about lawsuit prevention.

Reply to  BokenMike
Friday, October 25, 2013 6:26 pm

Even worse. [quote comment=”221907″]It’s never about safety. It’s about lawsuit prevention.[/quote]

Friday, October 25, 2013 12:58 pm

That top photo is what I think of when I hear about ‘re-designing’ Wash. Hopefully that’s not the direction we’re heading.

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