Halloween Sights in Hoboken

“Spirit” of Halloween Captured in Hoboken

Every year in Hoboken, many residents take the time to decorate their homes for Halloween. Ranging from simple, subtle “fall” like themes, to all out theatrical productions and “scary” scenes.

Halloween Skull on stoop in Hoboken NJ

Halloween a true holiday or just a commercial diversion?

Whether it’s a retail storefront or a residential building, you will see decorations on each and every block in Hoboken. Comments from people in town we spoke too varied greatly. Some residents look forward to this “event” each year with great enthusiasm. “I love it. Something new to look at every year. Plus my kids really have fun with it,” said one uptown mom.

While one downtown homeowner opted out this year. “We’re not completely on our feet yet since Hurricane Sandy, and one of us is still looking for full-time work. We’d rather not waste money on items of no value. Our son will have to enjoy the work of others.” Good point, right? Let someone else pay for it, and save your money for more important things? Hmmm.

In regards to the “webbing” that seems to be prevalent this year, a passerby told me “it looks trashy. If you can’t do it right, please don’t do it at all.” He was referring to one stretch on Garden Street uptown. That looked more like vandalism than deliberate decorating. I guess some people just follow the trend blindly?


Christmas in October

Maybe I can’t recall perfectly – but are Halloween lights something relatively new? Some areas could have been mistaken for Christmas lighting. I just don’t remember illuminated decorations when I was growing up.

Either way – it has some charm, especially in darker sections. And if you’re going to a party this year – be sure to be careful with the spiked drinks!

Halloween Hoboken Illuminated Streets

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Sunday, October 27, 2013 11:38 am

Walking around yesterday, we thought that maybe they legalized prostitution here in Jersey! Then we realized it was all the Halloween parties.

Ladies getting sluttier every year now.

Thursday, October 24, 2013 6:12 pm

Right on with the webs! Sloppy jobs abound!

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