Wholesome comedy – Tim Hawkins

Who needs profane, vulgar comedy when you have Tim Hawkins?

Stumbled on this comedian Tim Hawkins earlier this year – and we have discovered a true gem!

For one, Tim Hawkins’ act is not only hilarious, but multifaceted. A combination of “real life” humor, as well as musical parodies. And this self-taught guitarist is exceedingly talented, belting out exact renditions of songs from incredible legends like Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen effortlessly.

If you enjoy any of the videos below – consider picking up some of his DVD’s, like Push Pull Point PowInsanitized and Full Range of Motion. All under $12 and are excellent productions that you can pass around to your friends and family. They, too will be amazed that you can get some great laughs without pornographic or “dirty” jokes. Refreshing in a day when our society is essentially going down the drain morally.

Tim Hawkins Comedy worth watching for the whole family - Wholesome comedy - Tim Hawkins

Tim Hawkins Video Highlights

Anyway, we love him so much, we bought tickets months ago for his (now long sold out) show tomorrow night in eastern Pennsylvania. Can’t wait! Here’s a little promo trailer from a show he did years ago. Good stuff.

And one of my favorite skits. “Yoga Pants.”

And one of his best “parodies” of some rock song from the 90’s:

His most “famous” production is a sad, but true tale of where your money really ends up going:


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Friday, November 15, 2013 12:40 pm

The government video is how we found Tim. We introduced all our friends who didn’t know about him. A class act.

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