Jesus killed in Hoboken

Why was Jesus killed in Hoboken? What about “preservation?”

I was walking by the fire-ravaged Hoboken Charter School the other day (being “renovated” for quite a while now), and I noticed this construction worker jack-hammering the pedestal that the old Jesus statue used to be perched on. I wondered what happened to that iconic Hoboken landmark!

Jesus Statue killed in Hoboken NJ Charter School

Why isn’t Jesus protected by Historical Commission in Hoboken?

Now while the Jesus statue was removed after it was the Academy of the Sacred Heart – it made me wonder how something like that could escape the “historical protection” that bogs down the rest of Hoboken when small businesses simply want to install an awning or paint their building a different color – but get “denied.”

They seem to protect things of the least relevance, and destroy things that this country was built on.

Hopefully the statue found a good home elsewhere. But it was a nice thing to see when walking up Washington Street.

Do you think the “Historical Preservation Commission” is an essentially useless function of city government? When you look at all the cookie cutter condos being built high in the sky all over the city, it kind of invalidates the importance of hanging on to the past in select areas only. Why nitpick over a block or two of buildings when you crush Hoboken’s overall “image” by cluttering it with modern and out-of-place structures that don’t fit with the “old Hoboken?”

Seems like a sham, doesn’t it?

Jesus not protected by Historical Preservation Commission Hoboken NJ

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The Historic Disctrict Commission has become a useless sham. Zimmer has appointed a bunch of clowns who know nothing about the past Hoboken. Look at the facades on the restuarants around the path area. It’s looking more and more like south Beach and less and less like Hoboken. Check out the class menagerie on Second and Park…same thing.
It’s disgraceful how these morons are whittling away the character that led to the rebirth of this town. God only know what can happen now that they’ve been given four more years to destroy this place.