Jersey City Bike Path to Hoboken

NJ Transit Bike Path connecting Jersey City to Hoboken

Did you know that NJ Transit has quietly been working on a bike path connecting Jersey City to Hoboken? Probably not, because no one here in town can take credit for it.

However, Hoboken411 reader Sam is curious about the reasons why the path has not opened, and barriers are in place preventing use.

What is holding up NJ Transit Bike Path to Hoboken?

“I commute to work by bike from Hoboken to Jersey city, and because there are barricades at the entrance to these bike paths, I have to take a very dangerous and time consuming detour around 18th street. The barricades have been up since before the summer, and no work or progress has been made to the project during that time.

The other day I wandered past the barricades (someone had forced them open enough for a person to climb through but not to fit bikes through), and the bike paths are completely finished. They are really nice (aside from evidence of homeless people sleeping there). Around the beginning of October I sent NJ Transit a few emails regarding the status of the bike lanes and why they are blocked off. Just today (over a month later) I got a response that they are still working on the project and there is no ETA when it will be complete.

Please let me know if anyone else has been asking about this, and if there is anything bike riders in Hoboken can do to open up the new bike paths. I almost think we could just remove the barricades ourselves. I don’t think NJ Transit would even notice. They seem to have forgotten about the whole project.”

Sam also whipped together a map of where the path is – and where they have to ride now it in lieu of it being open to the public:

Map of Hoboken NJ Bike Trail with Alternative Routes to Jersey City

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013 11:06 am

It’s on the ribbon-cutting calendar, don’t worry!

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