Benny Tudino’s celebrates 45 years

Hoboken legend – Benny Tudino’s 45th Anniversary

Wow. Talk about longevity! Benny Tudino’s (622 Wash) is celebrating their 45th Anniversary tomorrow in Hoboken! Hard to believe, but true!

Next to Torna’s Pizza, Benny’s is the oldest Hoboken pizza parlor in town! Proof positive that you make something well, and do it consistently, you will thrive through all sorts of ups and downs in politics, the economy, and much more.

So to commemorate – Tomorrow from 11am to 6pm – Benny’s is doling out FREE SLICES of pizza, some fun t-shirts along with live music, face painting for kids and guess what… a surprise visit from Spongebob Squarepants!

Thank God there is still some Hoboken character left these days! Congratulations, Benny’s!

Benny Tudinos 45th Birthday Hoboken NJ Largest Slice of Pizza - Benny Tudino's celebrates 45 years

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Saturday, October 19, 2013 8:42 pm

That’s so nice! I love benny’s. Their pies are always made right. We don’t get the jumbo slices too often, but they hit the spot nicely after a friday night happy hour. Happy birthday bennys!

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