The Blowout Zone – doomed?

Blowout Zone appears to be closed in Hoboken, NJ

This is odd. What appeared to be a “slam dunk” business in a city filled with narcissistic people, The Blowout Zone beauty salon looks like it’s been closed since the end of June.

Their social media page appears to be down too. No signs that they were taking a break, or going on vacation either.

Wonder what really happened here?

Blowout Zone Hoboken closed - The Blowout Zone - doomed?

Blowout Zone Hoboken NJ doomed - The Blowout Zone - doomed?

Description: No activity for weeks. The Blowout Zone hair treatment facility. Formerly Backyards Bistro.
Address: 732 Jefferson Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-222-1179
Online: TBD blowoutzone.comTwitterFacebook

The Blowout Zone – Hoboken, NJ – 732 Jefferson St. – Now Open

3/19/2014 Update:

Blowout Zone Hoboken NJ now open - The Blowout Zone - doomed?Ladies – you’re in luck. The Blowout Zone is now officially open at 8th & Jefferson Streets.

The Blowout Zone isn’t just some “newbie” to the hair care scene. Owner Gary Maurer hails from Ramsey, NJ – where he’s run the “Straight A Head Salon” for over 40 years! He, along with his daughter Tami and fiance Arial hope to bring a bit of elegance to the women of the mile square.

Their core services (for the initial phase) are “Blowouts,” where they have a menu of various offerings around $35 each, with some fancier options. You can save $50 by purchasing “bundles of joy” (volume discounts).

Being a guy who can do his hair in literally 5 seconds, I had to understand what a blowout is – and why they’re gaining in popularity (first on the west coast, and now on our side). Apparently, getting your hair washed and “done” by a stylist in a salon always comes out 100% better than if you spend grueling hours trying to do it yourself. Additionally, these “blowouts” are almost like that “new haircut” feel, and will stay fresh and “hot” for several days.

Girls do this to improve their self-confidence, add extra glitz to nights on the town, or first dates – even before job interviews.

You can book your appointments online – or call them at (201)222-1179.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Blowout Zone! A big improvement over the previous dump!

The Blowout Zone – Coming soon to 8th & Jefferson

For a low-maintenance guy, this is most certainly “non-news.” However, I’m assuming that The Blowout Zone coming this winter to 732 Jefferson Street may be exciting some ladies to near-orgasms? (I’m just taking a stab in the dark there, because we know nothing about “blowouts.”)

The Blowout Zone Hoboken NJ 732 Jefferson Street - The Blowout Zone - doomed?

You see, back in the day, you had basically barber shops and hair salons. But in 2013, the genre has grown, and now we have kid-only barbers (and salons!), makeup studios, and this newest trend being “blowout” salons. Did girls forget how to blow-dry their hair? Is this only useful before “big nights out” like proms, weddings or job interviews? Who gets blowouts anyway?

Regardless – this is an offshoot of Ramsey, NJ based Straight A Head Salon. And as you can see from the sign below, they’re hiring too. Here’s a recent job posting on Craigslist. (One thing I wondered, how can something “organic” like hair ever require a “technician?” Isn’t that almost fully related to things like cars and computers?)

They hope to open this December.

Either way – good luck with the new endeavor The Blowout Zone! Maybe the dive-bar DC’s Tavern next door give you tons of customers!

The Blowout Zone Hoboken NJ 732 Jefferson Street NOW HIRING STYLISTS - The Blowout Zone - doomed?

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Thursday, July 16, 2015 11:30 am

Even if Hoboken is full of narcissitic people, a blowout place is hardly a “slam dunk”. Most of those narcissistic people probably have hair dryers.

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