Chalk Vandal Children in Hoboken

How Cute. But Hoboken Children are Chalk Vandals!

And so are their oblivious parents!

Happy Monday, Hoboken! To start this glorious week off, is a rant that has been building up since the spring began. Just like everything else “trends” higher until it reaches the point where you need to publicly address the situation. And that situation is the proliferation of CHALK everywhere you look in Hoboken. And it has created an entire breed of Chalk Vandal Children, as I like to call them.

You see, in this instance, a little ADHD chalk energy expended on an ordinary sidewalk may seem relatively harmless – like outside of the uptown Starbucks.

Chalk Vandal Children in Hoboken NJ sidewalk - Chalk Vandal Children in Hoboken

“But it’s better than graffiti!” (Yeah, really?)

People know I’ve pointed out the countless incidents of graffiti here in Hoboken. Yes, it’s an eye sore, and yes, it’s a bit annoying to remove. However, it does not do ANY harm to my person.

Chalk is also an eyesore (sometimes it can make you dizzy or invoke seizures it’s so mind-numbingly bad. Remember your kids are only “cute” to YOU.) But while you can argue “the rain will wash it away,” there are still inappropriate places to allow your kids to go berserk. Like this sitting wall along the Pier at Maxwell Place pictured below.

Hey parents, did you know that people like sitting here? In the photo below – the ENTIRE sitting wall was covered, end to end with chalk. If anyone sat there, their clothing would be soiled by this cheap crap made in China. Not cool at all. Can I walk up to you and smear paint on your ass? No? Well then don’t ruin my favorite seating areas with your wild children!

Teach your kids some respect, and control where they put their stupid chalk ramblings. And maybe stop jamming so much sugar down their throats. I have never seen the “child collective” so outrageously hyperactive and uncontrollable in my life. When we have kids, they will be 100% low carb.

Chalk Vandal Children in Hoboken NJ sitting areas Maxwell Place - Chalk Vandal Children in Hoboken

Have a nice day!

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Sunday, October 27, 2013 10:45 pm

I had planned on only letting my daughter drink diluted fruit juice. I now can’t get her to drink anything but water and dairy. She does not like candy (except for dark chocolate).

Sunday, October 27, 2013 10:43 pm

On the other hand a vegetarian couple was going to raise their kids that way, and well it didn’t happen.

Mitch Ultimato
Mitch Ultimato
Reply to  Journey
Monday, October 28, 2013 10:07 am

My wife and I are vegetarians and we raised our son a vegetarian too. From the time he was little we’ve told him he is always welcome to eat meat or anything else he likes. He’s 17 now and has still never had a desire to eat meat. Even when he goes out with his friends he doesn’t eat it. And in case you’re wondering, he is almost never sick and from kindergarten through 8th grade he never missed a day of school–not once. Since then the only times he’s missed school were because there were other things going on those days, but never because of illness. But as far as raising a kid on a low-carb diet, do what you gotta do, but make sure the kid is getting what he or she needs from other sources. Kids need to put on a certain amount of weight to grow properly. Oh, as far as chalk, is that really an issue in Hoboken?[quote comment=”221917″]On the other hand a vegetarian couple was going to raise their kids that way, and well it didn’t happen.[/quote]

Sunday, October 27, 2013 10:41 pm


Before I had a child I said she will not sit in a stroller and play with gameboy or netendo DS.

We have not owned a stroller in over a year, and she does not have one of those.

Seeing a child with their feet dragging on the ground in the stroller playing a handheld game was very motivating.

Sunday, October 27, 2013 10:10 pm

“When we have kids, they will be 100% low carb.”

I love reading statements from people who don’t have children about what they will do when they have children. It is hilarious. Yes you are an expert on children. Until the day you have them.

Thursday, October 24, 2013 12:26 pm

A teachable moment for little Johnny and Suzie…

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