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hoboken-2008.jpgAnother week (and year) in the books.

In the past, I typically didn’t give New Year’s Day any real significance and just called it “another day.” However, as humans tend to compartmentalize, I can finally see the importance of how a year can provide opportunity for reflection and positive change. Took me long enough. How do you view the new year?

On top of our usual arts festivals and domestic holidays, here are some 2008 dates I find interesting (according to Chinese astrology: “The Year of the Rat”):

  • 2/3- Super Bowl (will the Pats complete their perfect season?);
  • 3/1- Hoboken St. Patty’s Day (how much will the city earn this time?);
  • September/October- The Mets & Yankees play their last games at their respective stadiums – catch at least one game at each!;
  • 11/4- The Presidential Election;
  • 12/30- The Burj Dubai, the tallest building and free-standing man-made structure in the world is expected to be completed. It’s expected to be equivalent to two Empire State Buildings!

Ok, enough about next year. What were some of the things we talked about last week on Hoboken411?

Hottest Topics Week #52

Hoboken Municipal Garage Site Rendering

  1. Muni will not be Puny
    The heated discussion continues about the Municpal Garage sale. Many complaints surface despite being an open topic for several years.
  2. Hampton the dog
    Is having trouble finding a home.. where will he be in 2008?
  3. Commuting increases
    Costs going up across the board to get from point A to point B.
  4. My Generation
    People still wet behind the ears demand instant gratification from prospective employers.
  5. Housing Bubble
    The economy seems to be suffering, this time reports about real estate deliver the bad news.
  6. Amateur Night
    One of the few nights a year that people feel obligated to party.

Well, that was last week. What about overall? Here’s a list of the top 12 most commented posts on Hoboken411.

All Time Most Commented Posts


  1. The Fourth Ward Council Race
    The power of Hoboken411 helped change the course of history in Hoboken forever!
  2. Open bitching forum
    I created a place for people to randomly complain about whatever they want, it quickly vaults up to one of the most commented threads.
  3. Corzine’s new home in 2008
    Maxwell Place became a hot topic in Hoboken, enough for me to have to split it in two!
  4. St. Patty’s Day We’re all drunks!
    The city collected more than half a million dollars ticketing people consuming beverages with one key ingredient: Alcohol.
  5. Drinky Drink Campos
    A city councilman gets busted in NYC for DUI. The entire year went by without a real trial. Coming soon to a theater near you!
  6. Hoboken KKK-kops
    Five latino officers sue the city for alleged racist actions. Racy photos soon follow, and Hoboken becomes a national embarrassment.
  7. Unconscionable
    A corporate-owned rental high rise had rapidly rising rents. Residents were 100% dissatisfied.
  8. Hoboken was VERY thirsty
    Hoboken411 was the place people talked about the water main break that left the entire city smelly.
  9. City Government
    Normally, city council meetings are under the radar. This particular one from November 2007 had over 400 comments!
  10. SW Redevelopment
    When money is involved, everything gets more complicated. Here the SW quadrant is a hot bed for discussion as to what the best plan to revitalize this dilapidated area of the city.
  11. Pulled Pork
    Believe it or not, Joey’s BBQ, a small take out eatery generates much conversation. Also, the owner demonstrates what should be done to communicate with your customers.
  12. Foxie, the dead dog
    The sad story of Randy and his sweet companion touches the hearts of many. The suspect in the white pickup truck still remains at large.

Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable New Year’s Eve, and may 2008 be the best year ever!

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Westsider II
Westsider II

2007 was a good year. Here’s to making 2008 even better!


Happy New Year All.

The hights and/or depths Hoboken and it’s residents can reach are up to you.