Pier C Park was poorly designed?

Pier C Park fixed in Hoboken… sort of..

As expected – after we published the s***-show of circumstances taking place over at Pier C Park on the river, the city of Hoboken quickly “knee-jerk” reacted to our honest observations. Most of the “offending” issues were taken care of. Thank you, City Hall! Glad you can take responsibility. Too bad we have to point it out, but it’s nice to know you’re reading.

However, they missed a few spots – and there are some offensive words that toddlers will be scorned for life by:

Maybe a Turkey Day prayer will have a few bullet points for the hard-working folks at 1st & Washington? 🙂

More Pier C Park Woes in Hoboken – Vulgar Vandalism

11/19/2013 Update:

Here’s an update to yesterday’s “trashy” Pier C Park post – now we have extremely profane and vulgar vandalism in the kiddie area of the Park.

See gallery below for more detail (if you dare.)

What would be your solution to put an end to this nonsense?

Hoboken’s Pier C Park losing it’s lustre

11/18/2013 Update:

Pier C Park was poorly designed in Hoboken NJ - Pier C Park was poorly designed?Here’s a quick update to how the city is “losing grip” on the “amenities” over at Pier C Park.

Just recently, we noticed a couple interesting anomalies.

One – homeless people seem to have set up a good camp up here. Clothes, beverages, refuse (and God knows what else) peppered throughout the “kid friendly” landscape that Pier C Park is. Let’s cut more cops, Dawn Zimmer!

Maybe the homeless folks can chime in on the Rent Control vote next time too!

Hoboken NJ Pier C Park Homeless Apartments - Pier C Park was poorly designed?

And here, is just another stupid “Juvenile” incident apparently – but a part of the pier (metal lamp post) was destroyed by some idiot. More property taxpayer dollars down the drain again. Don’t you wish you could apply your quarterly siphoning to whatever you want, rather than letting some numb nuts decide? Wow.

Hoboken Pier C Park Juvenile Vandalism - Pier C Park was poorly designed?

What happened here, I do not know. But the old flag pole that used to proudly display a veterans and American flag – was cut down. I guess patriotism is now considered an act of terror. Maybe so, considering the whole sham it is. Either way, just another nick in the armor I guess…

Hoboken NJ Pier C Park Flag Pole Missing cut down - Pier C Park was poorly designed?

Hoboken FAIL? Pier C Park was poorly designed?

10/18/2013 Update:

As regular visitors of the Hoboken waterfront – we’ve noticed quite a bit of “repair action” going on down at Pier C Park over the past couple weeks. And while one might rush to judgment and say it may be related to Hurricane Sandy “damage,” we kind of disagree with that. We feel that Pier C Park was poorly designed.

For one, remember those Styrofoam “mountains?” That alone shows you the shoddy workmanship on the pier.

But after seeing construction workers “tweaking” the pier this fall, it became more clear that the entire design, while aesthetically pleasing to some, was deployed with some serious flaws.

One thing that stood out recently, was how the railing along the perimeter of the pier is constructed. Did you know that with a simple ratchet wrench, anyone can easily REMOVE the mesh fencing? As you can see in the gallery below, many of them were missing, and had to be replaced. This could be of great danger for children and pets. Imagine some sicko secretly removing all the bolts from the fence one day? Wonder who would be liable for any injuries? The city for allowing the design perhaps?

It appears that this fence wasn’t a “custom” job, which requires welding and serious structural integrity, nope. It must have been ordered from some catalog in China. At least replace those common bolts with specialized “keyed” bolts that require a unique tool, not one that you can buy at the hardware store around the corner. Better – weld the entire fence!

Regardless of what the reason, having a park that requires so much costly upkeep is a burden on the property taxpayers. Maybe they can just deep six the whole thing?

Always pay attention, Hoboken!

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