Hoboken False Advertising

Big time Hoboken false advertising with SW Park sign downtown

Wow. Sometimes you just have to wonder, “how does crap like this happen?” There is a big sign downtown (property taxpayer funded) that proclaims “This is your park.”

The truth is – that this is nothing close to “your park.” Read on more below…

Hoboken False Advertising Southwest Park Dawn Zimmer Taxpayer funded - Hoboken False Advertising

Hoboken property taxpayers pay for BIG LIE of sign!

For one, how irritated are you that the Mayor, Dawn Zimmer pickpocketed your tax bill to pay for that stupid sign above? Did you approve it? No? What balls she has using your tax dollars like her personal campaign checkbook. Jeez!

Secondly, this is a “park” that has NOT even been officially “planned out,” and the land hasn’t even been paid for yet! What gall!

No doubt, this is a textbook example of FALSE ADVERTISING!

Gee, now that we have the “deed” for a small parcel of land (0.95 acres), and which we’re probably locked into the deal in which the city of Hoboken is REQUIRED to pay for the final sum – only which will eventually be determined by Judges. Joy. That has me swimming in my pants!

What Stan Dawn is NOT telling the public, is that what the FINAL BILL will be. I suppose it will be WAY past the $3 million “grant” we got from Hudson County. And probably closer to $6 million or more (on top of the MASSIVE legal fees that Hoboken has incurred due to the litigation on Block 12 over the past year or more) – then you have to PAY for this “postage-sized” park that will require build-out expenses? Sounds like a “win” in a “losers handbook!”

Yep! That’s right. Another $10 million to maybe way over $20 million for a park that is LESS THAN ONE ACRE. And most certainly LIGHT YEARS away from the “Southwest Six Acre Park” that Zimmer promised in 2007, 2008 and again in 2009? It’s all there in the literature for you to see. Unless Dawn erased it…

So without a doubt, this fruity banner on Block 12 is BLATANT FALSE ADVERTISING. Misleading the public, and a desperate attempt to “garner pathetic votes” for Dawn’s “re-try it again” election campaign. That ward put this amateur into office, and they have been LEFT IN THE DUST by Zimmer for the past SIX YEARS.

Will they wake up and smell the rotten coffee? Or continue being taken advantage of?

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013 10:30 pm

Frankly I think Hoboken can use a place to raise live chickens and a fish farm.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 10:28 pm

Time will pass, the sign will come down and then there will be a application for a zoning variance from ever who is pulling the strings at the time.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 9:19 pm

They call it propaganda for a reason. Too bad most can’t differentiate what is the truth.

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