Fire 16th & Willow


In case you were stuck in traffic in uptown Hoboken, this is the reason why.

There was a working fire in the building on the southwest corner of 16th & Willow Ave this morning, creating slow conditions at surrounding traffic points.

HFD was at the scene for over an hour managing this small fire which started on the second floor, but had spread in little pockets to the first floor. While not a raging fire, and quickly put down, the FD had to be sure there were no remnants left behind.

I went to the Malibu while uptown, and may be suffering from a small heart attack myself.


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I bet the developers drive by this place and sport a tremendous woody.
think of the potential for” Deluxe luxury Condos”!!!
Burlington coat factory has been trying to sell the business for a while now.
perhaps this is there idea to get out?
too bad, I got some great stuff there over the years, but not at the Hoboken location,. they allways have crap there for some reason.
Isn’t this location their first store?


Sounds like a test fire to time the response! I’ll bet that within the next few weeks the whole building will be ash.

It is prime real estate for redevelopment.

I saw all the burnouts from the 70′ and 80’s and it is definately time to come full circle; in fact it seems to already have started about a year ago.


Burlington Coat Factory????