Alexander Technique – A Health Secret?

The Alexander Technique – The Art Of Aging – A Secret In Health

Have you ever heard of the Alexander Technique? I bet most of you haven’t. It’s worth doing some research into, especially in the midst of all the “alternative” health remedies clamoring for your attention. And after you’ve done so – take note that there’s a free information session about the Alexander Technique this coming Wednesday, October 23rd at the Hoboken Public Library. Runs from 6pm to 7:30pm. Read more below!

Alexander Technique Seminar Hoboken NJ

Alexander Technique Awareness at Hoboken Library

Alexander Technique Center Studio Hoboken NYC Morgan RysdonThe American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT) and Certified Teachers nationwide are raising public awareness this month about the importance of health and the vital role that the Alexander Technique (A.T.) plays in keeping individuals healthy and pain-free during International Alexander Technique Awareness Week (IAWW).

This year’s campaign, “Look, Feel, and Grow Younger with the Alexander Technique,” focuses on the commonly seen benefits that individuals experience when learning this work. As a part of this effort, Center Studio, is holding a free lecture/demonstration at the Hoboken Public Library on Wednesday, October 23 at 6.00PM to inform the public about the lifelong benefits that the Technique has to offer.

Everyone would like to age gracefully, but very few have the tools needed to achieve this. Over time, as we age, our ability to maintain an upright posture is compromised and many strain themselves in an attempt to accomplish this – sometimes with injury. Those who work with A.T. teachers often report successful benefits. Morgan Rysdon, owner of Center Studio, has had such success. Her student, Troy, reported, “My posture was poor and I had chronic neck pain… my pain was relieved and, surprisingly, my posture now attracts daily compliments.” One of the unique aspects about the Technique is how an individual can learn to manage their pain/discomfort, while also looking – and feeling – better in the process.

IAAW is a nationwide observance held each October. The event helps raise public awareness of the benefits of the Alexander Technique and its natural, holistic, self-care approach to health and wellness. Visit to learn more or schedule a session today!

Center Studio is a Hoboken, NJ and NYC based Alexander Technique practice aiming to help people reduce stress, assist those with chronic pain and improve posture.

Why is the Alexander Technique relatively unknown?

First – take a look at this TedX video from another A.T. Teacher Angela Bradshaw in the UK. It’s less than 10 minutes long, and if you just follow along with her one simple exercise, you might very well be astounded.

Next, I had a few questions for Hoboken’s A.T. Teacher Morgan Rysdon about the merits of the Alexander Technique, and why it hasn’t reached a more popular level.

For one, I wondered if it was due to a lack of “good marketing,” and Morgan said “Worldwide, the number of certified teachers is small (only between 3,000 to 5,000). Unfortunately, we haven’t reached the point where enough people know the name for it to be in the average persons mix of options.” Additionally, she said that technique is relatively complex, and the jargon used by instructors may or may not be grasped easily by patients. But those that do strive to understand it more, benefit greatly.

Additionally (and this is part of a broader picture), she suspects that most patients are “impatient,” and want immediate gratification in the form of drugs or a quick weekly visit to a massage therapist or chiropractor. To make matters harder, the Alexander Technique is NOT covered by insurance in this country (as opposed to places like England, Israel and Australia – where it is covered, because it falls under “preventative medicine.”)

Oddly enough, Morgan said that the Alexander Technique is a very scientifically proven method of improving health. In fact, The British Journal of Medicine published a study five years ago, that found a whopping 85% reduction in back pain for those taking lessons. And another company, Victorinox (maker of Swiss Army Knives), incorporated this technique at their offices, and reported a 42% reduction in absenteeism within 5 years of implementation.

If that isn’t enough to pique your interest in this – then you might as well get on the phone with your pharmacy to renew your meds.

Have a good day!

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