Hoboken Political Digest – 10/16/2013

Hoboken Political Digest – Oct. 16th – Less than 3 weeks left

The Hoboken City Council Meeting is taking place tomorrow, due to the “special” election taking place in NJ today. And for those of you trying to sort out what’s going on with the 2013 Municipal Election in less than three weeks, here’s a little recap of what’s taken place as of late. Instead of an endless stream of political nuggets that most people zone out from, a neatly organized list you can read or reference later at your leisure.

So what’s been happening on the campaign trail here in Hoboken?

Occhipinti pounds pavement

In case you didn’t hear – Mayoral Candidate Tim Occhipinti decided that unlike his city council seat for the 4th ward, the job as Mayor of Hoboken is a full-time gig. And he quit his job in order to dedicate his time for the city and for the campaign trail. I think Occhipinti has spent more time connecting with residents in just the past week or two than Zimmer has in the past year (If you take away the ribbon cuttings…)

See what the campaign slate of Tim Occhipinti (1J), Frank Raia (5K), Peter Biancamano (6K) and Britney Montgomery-Cook (7K) have to say here: onehoboken.com.

It includes increasing transparency (ever wonder why Zimmer didn’t return the surplus to lower your tax bills?), and updating the draconian parking laws which are quickly turning Hoboken into a “scary place” for visitors to come due to the incessant pickpocketing the HPU inflicts on drivers who shop here.

One Hoboken Tim Occhipinti 1J - Hoboken Political Digest - 10/16/2013

Ramos video, wine, cheese & letters to the editor

Ruben Ramos for Mayor Hoboken NJ logo - Hoboken Political Digest - 10/16/2013Meanwhile, the Ruben Ramos (3J) team has also been getting the word out.

In addition to a “Wine & Cheese” event at their campaign headquarters at 8th & Washington tomorrow, Thursday, October 17th at 7:30pm, several announcements have been released.

Click to read recent statements from each of the three council candidates:

Additionally – Ruben Ramos produced this video showing his determination beating cancer, and how he will fight just as hard for the city of Hoboken:

Zimmer needs out-of-town cronies?

Frankly, I haven’t seen Dawn Zimmer out and about much. Other than barely seeing some council candidates get lost in the sauce at the recent Arts & Music Festival she apparently doesn’t think she needs to “sell” herself or her team for re-election. They think they must have it in the bag. I guess that’s great that residents forget all the failed campaign promises from back in 2009 (like the reduction of property taxes 25% in the first year alone.)

The average property taxpayer in Hoboken would have around $5,000 MORE in the bank today if those bold promises were actually true. What would you do with that extra 5 grand? Fix your appliances? Pay off some debt? Take a vacation?

Anyway – FORMER Hoboken resident (and top Zimmer lemming / follower / slave) Scott Siegel was spotted with hundreds of Zimmer fliers jammed down his pants as he loyally did grunt work to support a candidate in a town he doesn’t even live in. Really? We weren’t joshing when we said “Zombies for Zimmer!”

Oh yeah, and don’t forget the ongoing embarrassment with Ravi Bhalla and his ethics violations. Shouldn’t that be on their campaign literature?

Scott Siegel Political Zombie Hoboken NJ Dawn Zimmer - Hoboken Political Digest - 10/16/2013

You still want to hear what they have to say? See dates for upcoming debates here.

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