2007 Business Year in Review


hoboken411-for-dummies-2008-year-in-review.jpgJust like last year, instead of trying to sum up the entire 12 months of events, I’ll do my best to list which businesses came and left in 2007.

You can always use the categories on the left or the search box on the upper right to drill down to specific items. Additionally, you can check the “week in review” section to see condensed capsules of some of the noteworthy items covered each week. Easy enough, right?

While covering standard news events, political and real estate debacles, businesses, social events, crimes and fires, Hoboken411 also grew tremendously in 2007. A new server was acquired early in the year to accommodate the daily traffic. Over 8,000 new registered users this year (though you can say only several hundred post feverishly), over 50,000 new comments, and over 110,000 unique visitors each month. Another server will probably have to be implemented soon.

When I checked the amount of time that was collectively spent reading the site, I was astonished: Over 12 million minutes! If the average salary is around $50/hr, that would be about $10 million dollars in time! Too bad that success hasn’t migrated to my bank account.

So much happened this year, I again gave up trying to sum it all up. It would just take too long.

Instead, I figured I’d slap together a quick list of all businesses that either left, or are leaving soon, plus all new businesses, either opened or announced in 2007. This takes a lot of time too. Grrrr.

For the second year in a row, more businesses opened than closed. What does that tell you? More real estate has been developed!

Here’s a rough idea of the business stats (please add or subtract if necessary):

  • 29 businesses either closed (or closing soon), moved, combined operations or “retired.”
  • 49 new businesses were announced or opened in 2007 (five or so which should open in 2008.)

See below for the entire list! Anything that is missing, please let me know! Have a great 2008!


Opened or announced in 2007

  1. Bella Ro
  2. Melting Pot
  3. Hudson Tavern
  4. Rubee’s Closet
  5. Spreading the News
  6. City Diner (not yet)
  7. Texas BBQ
  8. Galerie Attienette
  9. Turning Point
  10. Ciao Belly (2008)
  11. Garden’s Bloom
  12. Wear Jewelry
  13. CVS (uptown)
  14. Zebu Forno (2008)
  15. Soup Man
  16. The Cheese Store
  17. Heart Beat Style (downtown)
  18. Santa Fe Touch
  19. Itty Bitties Boutique
  20. Avenue Bistro & Bar
  21. Philly Soft Pretzel (2008)
  22. Luxe Face & Body
  23. Bark Place
  24. Ava Photography
  25. Orna Skincare
  26. Garden St. Music
  27. Wild Ginger
  28. Re.Juice.A.Nation (uptown)
  29. Tribal Home
  30. Premier Soccer Shop
  31. Park Ave. Bar & Grill (Union City)
  32. Basic Cafe
  33. Gotham Realty
  34. Crepe Grill
  35. Four L’s
  36. Got Fong Music (is that open yet?)
  37. Hera Couture
  38. Hoboken Unleashed
  39. The Beauty Parlor
  40. de fine
  41. Napoli’s Pizza
  42. Chigo Tuina Chinese Massage
  43. Jubilee Shoes
  44. J & V Hair Salon
  45. Dahn Yoga
  46. Kidz City
  47. Tokugawa Sushi
  48. Emack & Bolio’s
  49. Hoboken Children’s Academy

Closed, closing soon, or relocated in 2007

  1. Mailboxes, etc. (in 2008)
  2. Rue Du Jardin (to become dessert shop)
  3. Frozen Monkey (for sale)
  4. Washington Coffee & Convenience
  5. Yapple’s
  6. Hollywood Video (rumored to become Doggy Day Care)
  7. Lhea Skincare
  8. Washington Cleaners
  9. Garden Cleaners
  10. Urban Auctioneer
  11. Tonic (re-vamping)
  12. Sinatra Park Cafe (now Crepe Grill)
  13. Mia’s Mexican (Union City)
  14. Food 3663
  15. Harrison Market
  16. Claws & Paws (I think this was 2006)
  17. Luscious Paper (now Tribal Home)
  18. Graceland Doggie Day Care (Hoboken Unleashed)
  19. Ganache (13th St.)
  20. Charming Nail (now Soup Man)
  21. D’Auria Family Chiropractic (now massage)
  22. Dream Castle (now Kidz City)
  23. Platinum Real Estate (now Bella Ro)
  24. Mercy Grill (forever doomed location)
  25. Saladworks (will be Zebu Forno)
  26. Shades of Hoboken (cursed location)
  27. Clipp One (Ciao Belly – 2008)
  28. Soup Hut (only offers Italian Ices in warm months)
  29. Mola Coffee (now Emack & Bolio’s)

I’m sure quite a few are missing. My ADD took over and this list making had to stop. Please let me know!

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[quote comment=”59518″]I am getting worried about Tokugawa. I really like the place but now its doing all asian cuisine which is never a good sign. I hope it lasts[/quote]

Tokugawa is a good uptown sushi place. They’re friendly and most of all quick. They’re still offering a grand opening 10% off special, even though they’ve been open since the summer (not that I’m complaining), I just hope they stick around, so that the uptown alternative isn’t (gag) Sushi House.


I am getting worried about Tokugawa. I really like the place but now its doing all asian cuisine which is never a good sign. I hope it lasts

strand tramp
strand tramp

or soap for that matter.


[quote comment=”59488″]middle eastern BBQ…ha ha ha ha hahahahahahahahaha.[/quote]

I mean really, what would the cradle of civilization know about cooking dead animals over an open flame? Laughable, man, laughable! HA ha ha!