MathWizard moves in Hoboken, NJ

Here’s a brief administrative update. Less than two years after opening, kid’s math tutoring facility MathWizard had recently moved from 1200 Grand Street over to 800 Madison Street. Exciting, eh?

But I’ll say this much, perhaps it serves as a testament to their math skills? You wouldn’t have moved unless it made better financial sense to do so. Either increases capacity, market opportunities, or lesser rent. So understanding the “math” for their bottom line was a necessity.

So kudos to them!

Math Wizard moves in Hoboken NJ - MathWizard

Description: Extra schooling and tutoring for kids. Math and English.
Address: 800 Madison Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)253-5522
Online: mathwizard.netFacebook

MathWizard – Hoboken, NJ


MathWizard Hoboken NJ - MathWizardIt definitely seems as if “educational” facilities and day care are becoming the nail salons and dry cleaners of a decade ago. Along with Kiddie Academy “child care learning center” opening soon downtown, here we have MathWizard now open at 13th & Grand Streets.

“MathWizard Learning Centers offer instruction for students in grades Pre-K through 9th grade. The classes cover a rich set of customized study material. Each center is like a small school that teaches Math and English, where class size does not exceed 8 students. In addition, we do not mix children of different grades or subjects in the same class.”

A couple things. Why is it named “MathWizard,” and not “Math Wizard?” They’re already teaching kids improper spacing! It’s not like they’re teaching trademark and copyright law. Hmmm.

Also – what the heck ever happened to parents helping their kids with school work? Is everything involving raising kids now just outsourced? And what is wrong with our educational system that kids need so much help? (Forget it, I already know the answer…)

Math Wizard Hoboken NJ 1200 Grand Street - MathWizard

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