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AstraHealth set to open in Hoboken, NJ

AstraHealth Center Hoboken NJ 95 Hudson Street urgent care - AstraHealth CentersThere is no doubt many people will need some kind of health care at some point here in Hoboken. Whether it’s a regular doctor’s visit for a nagging condition, or a minor emergency like a flesh wound or broken bone (especially down by the PATH bars on weekends!)

But as simple as it sounds – a visit to your “regular practitioner” might be a hassle due to scheduling conflicts and delays.

And a visit to the local “emergency room” may be more hazardous than the injury you have!

Which is why AstraHealth Center, which is opening (hopefully by Monday – but next week regardless) may be a perfect fit for many residents and visitors.

AstraHealth Centers are a “hybrid” of both routine medical examinations and more urgent matters – all without the wait times or limited hours other alternatives have.

Located at 95 Hudson Street, AstraHealth will be convenient for people who might just need a checkup or prescription issued on their way to work. They offer walk-in appointments, on-site X-rays and lab work, and more. Four routine examination rooms, plus a “triage area” (my term), where the urgent cases can be handled effectively.

They also offer physicals and checkups for those traveling overseas. And at some point in the future, they’ll offer ultrasound as well.

AstraHealth accepts all major insurance coverage, and even have low-cost “cash” services for those who have no insurance. From what I understand, it’s a fraction of what you’d pay at the most expensive hospital in the world (HUMC).

Hopefully, you’ll never need ANY medical treatment, but it’s good to know this option exists in Hoboken!

Description: Hybrid medical care facility. Routine doctor checkups and minor non-life threatening injury treatments.
Address: 95 Hudson Street, Hoboken, NJ, 07030
Phone: 908-760-8888

AHS Urgent Care – Astra Health Services – Hoboken NJ


Just as we previously mentioned about five minutes ago – Marciano Dental Group moved from 95 Hudson – a new “urgent care” spot is opening up soon in their old spot: AHS Urgent Care (Astra Health Services).

Not much is to be found about this new “medical facility,” but I’d suspect they will have good business on weekends!

On a side note: Why all this chatter about health care these days? Are people really getting that sick? If you eat right and have common sense, you probably will never need to see a doctor ever. Kind of makes you think that all the sick people these days are actually engineered to be sick.

Enjoy your day!

Astra Health Centers AHC Urgent Care Hoboken NJ - AstraHealth Centers

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