14th Street Pier in Disrepair

14th Street Pier – Hoboken’s next worry?

Jeez – I hadn’t been all the way out on the 14th Street Pier in a few weeks, and boy did we notice something unusual.

Normally the piers in Hoboken are maintained at the very minimum that you don’t take notice for much (unless you find yourself unintentionally swimming in the Hudson River). But the 14th Street Pier looks worse than a rebellious teen’s bedroom at the peak of their discontent.

Overgrown weeds at 14th Street Pier a cause for concern?

14th Street Pier in Hoboken NJ overgrown weeds

You know the phrase “nature always wins?” That is true with big weather events as well as slow-growing plants.

When you see robust plants growing between the planks on wood-planked pier – it makes you wonder how the structural integrity of (our already suspect waterfront) is.

Rampant graffiti at 14th Street Pier goes unmitigated

14th Street Pier in Hoboken NJ graffiti vandalism

Additionally, kids scraping their “tags” on costly paint-coated railings is just not classy. It either shows that nobody cares enough about the area, or is too complacent to do anything about it.

Imagine if you were a prospective new Hoboken resident and you saw “clues” like this before you made an offer on a condo? I know if it were me, it would plant a seed of doubt about where I’m about to live my life. If you’re astute enough to identify the early stages of urban decay – you’re a winner in my book!

Overall botchery at 14th Street Pier

14th Street Pier in Hoboken NJ botched trees and tattered planters

Lastly – once again we have more botched trees (who prunes these plants? Helen Keller’s great grand kids?) and even planters that are simply missing pieces.

If you hung out here, would you feel as if you’re on the “gold coast” or some kind of Mad Max style urban wasteland?

Don’t you wish people cared more? Or have we finally reached the end-game?

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