Where the {Hoboken} streets have no name

Clinton Street sign fixed shortly after Hoboken411 story

Who needs a Mayor when we can just manage the city via hoboken411.com? Shortly after we published this story a few days ago, the Clinton Street sign {which had no name} was “repaired.”

Kind of a shoddy peel-off sticker job, but it is legible enough to be useful. Now grandma can finally deliver fresh cookies to her grandson!

Clinton Street Sign in Hoboken NJ fixed after Hoboken411 story - Where the {Hoboken} streets have no name

Try giving directions in Hoboken when streets have no name!


Amongst other things falling apart in Hoboken (like potholes, collapsing waterfronts, water main breaks, etc.), we have a new one we can add to the list: some Hoboken streets have no name!

Clinton Street in Hoboken NJ the street with no name - Where the {Hoboken} streets have no name

Clinton Street dissed in Hoboken

Take a look at that “informative” sign at Clinton & Newark – practically blank! And Clinton continues getting little respect just a block later – with no signage at all. Signs of “official neglect” for sure!

I can imagine some poor guy living on Clinton Street giving directions to his poor little grandma trying to visit him to bring him fresh baked brownies. “Make a left at the street with no name!”

It appears that the budget for maintaining proper minimal signage has been re-allocated to bike lane paint. Wonder who got that contract?

Here’s an appropriate song that U2 was prophetic enough to write for Hoboken 26 years ago (back when they were actually still good): “Where The Streets Have No Name.”

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Vote YES
Vote YES
Wednesday, October 23, 2013 2:52 am

That’s nice. But don’t forget to VOTE YES on the rent control ballot question on November 5th! If you don’t, Hoboken will remain in the stone ages economically!

Mrs. L
Mrs. L
Wednesday, October 23, 2013 2:47 am

I’d vote for him if he ran for mayor. A lot more sensible ideas than these other numbskulls.

Reply to  Mrs. L
Wednesday, October 23, 2013 10:44 am

It has always been through the media that things really get done. The Phillip Morris case is the best example I can think of. Try sending a note to the City’s Problem Management system. The have the system so it looks like they are on top of things but all they do is take a ticket and close it out without any action.

I appreciate the media greatly. It is a chance to get the truth out with out being squashed from the get go.
[quote comment=”221882″]I’d vote for him if he ran for mayor. A lot more sensible ideas than these other numbskulls.[/quote]

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 11:02 pm

With one wave of his magnanimous arm, 411 creates change throughout the realm.

Look upon these works, ye mortals, and despair.

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