Storms roll into Hoboken

Not unusual storms roll into Hoboken; Media hype and fear

Boy, you know media hype is running on all cylinders when “Tornado Watches” make Drudge Report. Some outlets even went as far as to assign staff to “live blog” some rain droplets. I guess since the meteorologist are all bummed that our hurricane season has been practically non-existent, so they milk every “named storm” to the Nth degree. In this instance, “Karen,” which barely materialized into anything. I bet now as forecasters suffered another “letdown,” they probably want to find excitement by releasing “scary” warnings and watches so that the weather gets some headline news and water cooler action. Hoboken411 reader Fritz kindly sent this photo as a derecho-like cloud line of storms roll into Hoboken. He shot it from a building in Long Island City, Queens.

While some of the storms had slight mesocyclonic traits, nothing even close to being a tornado threat has materialized as of yet. And Hoboken is lucky, too – because we’re at low tide now anyway, and if we happened to get a long-stretch of heavy rain, the tide is in our favor till close to midnight.

Hoboken derecho storm system seen from Long Island City Queens - Storms roll into Hoboken

Karen, have to mention Karen!

Below are some examples of how forecasters glommed on the name “Karen,” as if they form personal attachments to storm systems.

(Not to say you still shouldn’t use prudence when making outdoor decisions, but as always common sense is the rule…)

karen hype 2 - Storms roll into Hoboken

Karen hype 1 - Storms roll into Hoboken

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