Merry (political) Christmas!


Hope all of you are enjoying your Christmas, or day off from work!

I took a break from my Christmas Vacation house-cleaning torture session, because I found these items in piles of paperwork I’ve been sorting through.

Here’s a little collage of the Hudson County politician cards I received in the mail. Peter Cammarano, Michael Russo and Brian Stack really care about me! Yay!

See them up close after the break (along with a surprise Hoboken Mayor “birthday letter”)…

hoboken politcal xmas - Merry (political) Christmas!

See the larger versions after the jump.


Card #1: Peter Cammarano & Family

The Hoboken Mayoral (and council at-large) elections aren’t until 2009, however, let the campaigning begin! Peter definitely had a pretty nice card. Should I frame it for safekeeping?

The card had a note that it was paid for by Cammarano’s “election fund.”

xmas cammarano hoboken 2 - Merry (political) Christmas!

Card #2: Michael Russo

I don’t live in Russo’s ward, but I got a card anyway (hello Mayoral candidate!)

Michael’s card was a smaller, with minimal photos. However, it did have have nice wishes. I forgot to add Peace, Health and Happiness to my xmas wish-list though! Damnit!

This card had a note saying is was not paid for by the taxpayers.

xmas russo 2a - Merry (political) Christmas!

Card #3: Brian Stack

Brian sent more of a traditional card in an envelope. The only bi-lingual card of the group. He sends thanks, and vows to be accessible “at anytime.” I will give him a shout this Friday at about 4am to speak my mind after a night of drinking. He better be there!

No idea who paid for this.

xmas stack hoboken 1a - Merry (political) Christmas!

Bonus find: Birthday Letter from Roberts

You can tell I’m a bit behind in my paperwork. Here’s a letter I got in October from Mayor Roberts wishing me a happy birthday.

This 18lb laser printed letter from David almost made me shed a tear. Our very own Mayor was honored and privileged to extend his best wishes to ME!

He also wants all my tomorrows to be filled with the finest things! I hope he means it! I will certainly keep this in my scrapbook for a long time.

It said the letter was not paid for by taxpayers. OK, but out of curiosity.. how much does it cost to send let’s say, 30,000 Birthday letters out each year? 60 reams of paper can’t cost more than $300 bucks, 30,000 envelopes cost what? $500? Then postage is how much these days? .41? I forget.. so that’s a bit over $12,000.. So around $13,000 is spent annually on birthday form letters from the Mayor.

I want to see his Staples receipts!!!

birthday hoboken roberts 1a - Merry (political) Christmas!

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Thursday, January 3, 2008 2:18 pm

This joke Stack keeps sending me cards even though i am not a property owner (therefore not on the tax rolls presumably) and even changed my party affiliation. He knows i would never ever vote for him from that, yet he still sends me cards.
And the worst part is that they are ALWAYS half in English and HALF IN SPANISH. Stop placating to people and start making them pay the small price to live here of learning English and respecting and honoring the traditions of this country which they don’t get to decide, you jerk-off Stack. (of course, if people want to speak Spanish in their homes, businesses with a cultural theme like a restaurant, etc.- more power to them…that’s for the tree-huggers out there who might incorrectly call me a bigot or something)

strand tramp
strand tramp
Friday, December 28, 2007 8:48 am

i have been getting Stack cards for years, and Roberts too. the card from that fat Russo made me laugh. what a joke! i wished it had his pic from the trip to New Orleans!! never get a card from my own council person though. which makes sense since she never votes to protect my interests anyway.

Thursday, December 27, 2007 11:33 pm

And I thought those rumors about Roberts running for re-election were untrue…

Thursday, December 27, 2007 8:01 am

That fat tub of goo Quimby has yet to send me my birthday card. Baby Doc Russo, check; Stack, check; The Scoundrel, check; but no card from the chief low life in this town. I am hurt.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007 10:46 pm

Mayor and family made the fridge. Then Peter C’s card came and I snuck it up there under a neighbor’s kid. But I was caught trying to stick up Stack and Russo together. Stack’s bilingual card was too big. I compromised by tossing Stack, Russo and Cammarano but I was allowed to keep the mayor.

God bless them all, each and every one.

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