Hoboken Updates – October 7th

Hoboken Updates for Monday, October 7, 2013

A few recent Hoboken updates for ya’ll.

Hoboken Water Main Break on Grand Street

Yesterday morning, there was a relatively minor water main break behind the A&P. An 8″ main broke, but didn’t cause widespread issues (although Willie McBride’s opening was apparently delayed). The pipe was quickly repaired by United Water by the afternoon.

As we squeeze more people and buildings into Hoboken, this will continue to be a regular occurrence.

Hoboken Water Main Break grand street 6th and 7th Willie McBrides

Back-in parking stripes painted over – people still park

Remember the reverse parking debacle over by the Shoprite on Madison Street? Well, the city painted over the stripes until they “figured it out,” but area residents couldn’t “figure out” that they weren’t supposed to be parking that way. So in essence, nothing changed, except more wasted city resources.

reverse parking stripes in Hoboken NJ on Madison Street

Poor Cat Designs opens. Hoboken can be trendy now.

If you cannot determine your own style, and need to be like “trendy” people, you’re in luck. Poor Cat Designs is now open on Washington Street midtown. Joy!

Poor Cat Designs Hoboken NJ open 716 washington street

Have a great rest of the day, Hoboken!

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013 10:50 am

This water break occurred a week or so after the road had been dug up to add utilities to a new building on 6th and Grand. I think we need more quality control when construction or utilities are digging up roads .

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