Burst water pipe uptown


There have been a few minor incidents around town today, but I spared you all, considering the “holiday” season. (Silly stuff like drunken folk who thought they got assaulted, when they were “removed from a bar”, and other standard happenings in town.)

However, this one, while not impacting a densely populated area, might be worth mentioning.

About 45 minutes ago, a Hoboken Police Officer noticed what seemed to be a broken water pipe on 14th Street between Grand and Adams streets (south side, going east.) He mentioned “it wasn’t gushing,” but thought it might be prudent for United Water to get out and assess the situation, as he feared without intervention, the cobble-stone street may cave in.

This in right in front of the spot of the upcoming Clearview Cinemas and in the neighborhood of the recently started construction on the adjacent retail/parking facility, as well as Carpe Diem Bar (where I threw the Hoboken411 Xmas Gathering.)

Hopefully it doesn’t cave in, and collapse the viaduct (which was recently cited as an unsafe structure, along with the Pulaski Skyway, etc.)

United Water is on scene now….


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