Hoboken Week in Review – 12/23/2007


One more week to go in 2007!

Hello to the all the new readers that have signed up since the last Hoboken Week in Review. Is it just me, or is anyone a little tired of the word “holiday?”

Anyway, still utilizing the new “most commented” format, so you can see the Top 10 bumped or newly published articles this week that had the most overall action. Additionally, a few other noteworthy posts as well as some upcoming events in the next week.

Hottest topics of the week


  1. Like an Energizer Rabbit…
    The S.W.A.T. cops bias story continues… Will it outlast the 4th ward council race story?
  2. Fondue-due
    A little bump about a Monday night ladies special brings more commenters forward about The Melting Pot.
  3. Doom has no Mercy
    The merry-go-round of doomed restaurants continues to spin at the ill-fated location next to McDonald’s.
  4. 411 Christmas Gathering
    The Hoboken411 “gathering” turned out to be fun. Others agreed.
  5. Changing hands
    The Gaslight is taken over by the owners of the Brass Rail. Chatter ensues. A re-review will be coming in early 2008.
  6. Not objects that go in your china cabinet
    Legendary Hoboken band Krystal played at Maxwell’s last night. Anyone see them? How was it?
  7. Another pet success story!
    Hampton, the sad little homeless dog finds a new abode thanks to Hoboken411 and it’s readers.
  8. CSI: Hoboken
    Episode 14: Some Hoboken city council members want to bring in forensic accountants to examine city books, making certain folks nervous in the process.
  9. Death Chat
    NJ changes it’s capital punishment laws. Legal and financial discussion takes place.
  10. “Danks for the new apartments”
    Richard Tremitiedi sends letters about the Muni-garage, the Observer Highway RA committee dispels misconceptions in return.

Other items of interest

Coming this week

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