Artie Lange closes Hoboken comedy fest

Hoboken Comedy Festival headlines Artie Lange

When a six-day stint of stand-up comedy acts at various locations is labeled a “festival,” it can confuse some people. A “festival” is typically a single-day (or), single-location event that encompasses whatever the festival is about (music, arts, medieval times, etc.) Not a multi-venue event over multiple days.

The probably should have called it the “Hoboken Comedy Tour,” or “Hoboken Comedy Week,” or something along those lines.

Either way – the big “headliner” is Artie Lange, who performs this Sunday over at the Pilsener Haus & Biergarten. A great performance venue especially after they acoustically corrected the echo-chamber it used to be. So it will be a good time for those who care who don’t need to wake early on Monday morning.

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