New parks from Zimmer – Area midgets proud!

What new parks from Zimmer?

Continuing the latest Hoboken411 category today – Hoboken Cartoons, is an ongoing look at our current Mayoral administration – and how amazing it is, that they believe a simple “press release” about something as meaningless as some “potential” that a park “may or may not” materialize at some point in the future, warrants any attention at all.

This ‘toon was once again conceptualized by local Hoboken resident David Liebler – with artwork by Martin Kozlowski. Here, they parodize how Dawn Zimmer hoots and hollers about a non-existent park that is about the size of a parking spot that hasn’t even been built yet.

Anyone cheering for this political crew needs to have their medical records checked five or ten times. A fully-functioning mirror and a yearly supply of common-sense drops would help as well. But you have to take that first step…

More to come! Want your cartoon included? See below!

Zimmer and her new postage stamp sized park in Hoboken NJ SM

About Hoboken Cartoons
Hoboken Cartoons is a feature on which displays various artistic, creative and comedic renderings which reflect life in the Mile Square city.

Ranging in nature from political satire, to random Hoboken connections – the Hoboken Cartoon category will be home for “all of the above.”

While there have been other categories dedicated to various stints of local cartoonists (such as Hobroken, Hobotown and others), we feel this new “general” category will be a good fit for local aspiring artists and creators.

Want your cartoon featured? Simply email with your work and any related information, back-story, inspiration, technical details and credits!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015 11:13 pm

David and Martin, excellent work!

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