Forensic Accounting

12/20/2007 mini-update:

I’ll have full details on this when I get the full Council Recap together, but basically what happened was Beth Mason brought in a representative of the forensic accounting firm to describe what they do. He spoke of the millions they saved taxpayers of Newark, and said they already see places to save money in Hoboken.

Since it was “New Business” there was no vote on the issue, and it was sent to committee for further discussion. Michael Russo said he would rather have the state comptroller’s office study the city’s accounting rather than a firm like this, but Peter Cunningham doubted they would do the job. Russo didn’t want the firm to look at this year’s budget before the council makes it’s changes.

More on this later…


Beth Mason copied Hoboken411 on this letter than she sent on behalf of herself and other council members to Council President Castellano and Finance Committee Chairman Russo.

The matter of a forensic audit of the city’s finances, as well as the Parking Utility will be brought forward in tonight’s “New Business” part of the council meeting.

As long as David Caruso, of CSI:Miami isn’t handling the forensics, I’m all for it.


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upyurs- if your were not being disingenuous along with Mike Russo you would tell everyone that the fiscal 2008 year will be the first year of existence for this newly created office of the Comptroller.

Corzine has recommended a budget of $9.0 million with a recommended staff of and a staff of about 60.

Let’s see how much this office is funded and staffed. My guess is they will be sharing one PC for a staff of 10 and have to all use some old decrepit office with rotary dialing phones.

There is no way this newly created office of the Comptroller can do anything year one other than get their bearings.


gman-If you follow state government you would no that the governor had pushed the legisalture to approve a state comptoller. He was just aprroved by the state senate and takes office Jan 1. To me why not make Hoboken the first city to use him. After all Corzine lives here and it would be a plus for him. That is why I was inclined to agree with Russo. If we can get him why spend money, when we can get the same effect. What got me was Cunningham lying about his guy does not charge anything as seen on Channel 78. Yet his letter and Mason said something different and he stated he never said for nothing.


I think it’s important to understand the track record of the outside firms versus the state. It’s also important to understand the timing of the work product – if it will
take longer than one year to engage the state that’s an important factor for me. However Hoboken’s pull with the state pols could accelerate things.

I’m interested to follow through this the committee discussions.


gmac17, cunningham stated at the council meeting they do it for nothing. Have estevens put it up on video he is good at that when he likes going after council people he dosen’t like. The best is gmac17, i would like 115,000 decrease in my taxes, didn’t russo suggest bringing in the new state comptroller that corzine just had approved at the legislature.That would give us 115,000 in savings and not 100,000. Let me know if you are interested????


upyurs – I’ll save you $100,000 on your taxes if you pay me $15,000. Let me know if you are interested.