“Text Necks Syndrome”

Text Necks Syndrome and disconnecting with “here and now”

So the whole Text Necks Syndrome is bad enough with the physical ramifications to your body. But it’s become so prevalent (the nearly constant use of our hand-held computers) that I just shake my head and wish it were a bit different.

Scenes below can be spotted each and every day.

Beautiful Day at the park (viewing Facebook timeline)

Nothing like a day off, and some peaceful time at Stevens Park absorbing the sights. Cute dogs, happy kids, a flowing Hudson River and tree branches blowing in the wind.

Oh, wait a minute, this lady was probably too busy watching “LOL” videos on her Facebook timeline. But because she was at the park, it made them that much more memorable! Score one for the team!

Text Necks Syndrome at Stevens Park Hoboken NJ - "Text Necks Syndrome"

Nice lunch with my friend (but focused on our phones)

These two dudes were having a nice afternoon snack over at Zafra, but they weren’t speaking to one another. Both just flicking through their phones.

That would bother me personally, because I wouldn’t be the one with my attention elsewhere. However it seems to be “the norm” for everyone these days. Why even bother sitting together if you’re going to be alone in your own world anyway?

Text Necks Syndrome at Zafra Cafe Hoboken NJ - "Text Necks Syndrome"

Text Necks Syndrome poised to get worse in Hoboken

10/22/2014 Update:

Good posture is going to be a thing of the past if people don’t start realizing what they’re doing when they’re “out and about.” Instead of enjoying their environs while waiting for the bus, most people nowadays remain in their digital world – even though their physical bodies are outside (and with PLENTY to see, observe, think about). They simply NEED to “connect” with whatever it may be they’re immersed in on their “smart” phones (social networks, games, celebrity gossip, idle chatter, etc.)

These two kids below put “text necks syndrome” on full display (probably looking at porn), when one kid briefly checked out out this girls tush before he went back into his creaked position:

Text Necks Syndrome Hoboken NJ 2 - "Text Necks Syndrome"

This lady here didn’t even realize I was taking a photo:

oblivious cell phone users 2 - "Text Necks Syndrome"

Although this chap here took a break from looking at his screen to watch me take a photo, he was still in the “bent-over-browsing” mode (notice others in the picture “heads down.”)

Text Necks Syndrome Hoboken NJ 1 - "Text Necks Syndrome"

Who knows – maybe that ridiculous Google Glass comes with at least one benefit? Improved spinal alignment?

Text Necks Syndrome – Doctors get ready!

9/26/2013 Update:

We recently took one of our usual refreshing walks around Hoboken with our dogs to explore the waterfront and witness humanity unravel before our very eyes (and find a spot for good strong coffee). And I realized we’re at the precipice of a major health conundrum: Text Necks Syndrome (as I so coined – “TNS”).

The “smartphone” revolution has now fully consumed us. It appears that the “sheeple” of our society have volunteered to offer their NECKS up for sacrifice for the “Text Gods” of this world. Look at these oblivious sad sacks of society. Their thought bubbles are indisputable: “My surroundings? Who cares? I gotta update my status to verify my meager worth to the superficial world I now live in!”

Either way, whether you realize it or not (looking in the virtual mirror helps), we are collectively falling deeper into the Matrix as a society more and more every day that passes by.

One thing I noted in this photo I quickly snapped near Wicked Wolf Tavern was, that even folks NOT on their “portable brains,” STILL HAD creaked necks. No phone. We as people, are seemingly DEVOLVING. Perhaps when we’re all “chips” things will be different? Find your “out” before it’s way too late!

text next syndrome Hoboken NJ - "Text Necks Syndrome"

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014 10:40 pm

I saw many many untethered today enjoying the beautiful Veterans Day with a group motorcycle ride. Thank a Vet for our freedom.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 9:28 am

The reality we experience is affected by our capacity to connect to the environment we are in and those around us. Technology and our “Cloud” connections serve to both connect and disconnect us from the here and now. Visit “Cloud Zombies – Consumed” on Halloween for “Cloud Cookies – Tracking Treats” at Garden and 11th. Best after dark.

Thursday, September 26, 2013 10:27 pm

I never really paid attention to this syndrome, as you put it until I started suffering terrible pains upon waking every day. I also had to curtail my phone usage because it’s just unnatural to maintain that posture for extended periods. Incredible that this tiny pocket device has found it’s way front and center.

Thursday, September 26, 2013 6:16 pm

WE had smartphones but ditched them eventually and went back to basic flip phones. Nice having our time and attention spans back.

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