Ticketing: Pattern changes?


We all know one of the top resident issues in Hoboken is the parking situation.

Every day around evening rush hour, a merry-go-round of cars circle the city in search of a coveted parking spot that isn’t 1/2 a mile from their homes. After driving around for 45 minutes to an hour, many folks get frustrated and end up parking illegally near an intersection. It’s guaranteed that there are dozens, if not hundreds of cars that do this on a daily basis. Simply put, they’d rather risk getting a $54 ticket than have their car vandalized or stolen if parked in a more isolated area.

I’ve heard from several residents that for the past few months, the Hoboken Police is “cracking down” on these intersection parkers particularly in certain wards (such as the 5th and 2nd.) I’ve noticed this trend on the police radio as well. It seems a majority of tickets are handed out in those wards.

Some folks have a feeling this may because of the recent council members that were elected, and what their positions are in town, how they voted, what they stand for, etc.

It’s sort of a catch-22. Because no matter how you slice it, parking too close to an intersection is illegal. The question becomes, if it’s true that the PD is targeting only specific wards, is that fair? Shouldn’t all illegal parkers be treated the same way?


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My checking account has noticed a change and contributed generously to the city of hoboken this month. I managed to get 5 tickets – 4 for parking too close to the curb and one for parking in a loading zone (right in front of rejuice-a-nation – I had my hazards on for 5 minutes while I ran inside to grab a contract)
My office, on Newark St near Hudson, I know this!!!! — has two guys working my street! And they’re ninja’s – they somehow disappear into the meter poles. I’m sick of it, because as one person wrote they are extremely inconsistent, Yes true I do park illegally but when I’m staring at not one but three cars all parked on the same corners (except they have badges in their front windows) and I’m the one that gets ticketed repeatedly – (&#(*&(&()@@#^^!)
I’m no longer taking the risk though of the ticket when I figured it’d be cheaper to rent a spot at the municipal lot hopefully there’s no waiting list..


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PHOTOS. Not “photo’s”.

I know it is small potatoes, and has nothing to do with parking, but I couldn’t help it. Sorry to chime in, but to see this twice is too much for an anal grammarian like me. I have a relative who makes this mistake all the time and I can’t correct her, thus, you get my lesson. Why is is to difficult to just let plurals be? People use the apostrophe too randomly. I see so many wrong uses on business signs around town. Drives me crazy.[/quote]

big guy , seem’s you have bigger issues than this


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Look where they put the light-rail–way, way in the back of town away from most people. [/quote]

It originally was supposed to go up River Street and Sinatra Street. But lots of citizens groups like Fund for Better Waterfront fought against it, so that’s why it’s back by the projects instead of along the waterfront.


I have noticed a change. I’ve received tickets twice in the past few months for parking approximately 16 feet from the corner. Its been on 2nd street at the Southeast corner of 2nd and Grand – 50 feet from my store.

As far as safety goes – it’s a non-issue. I am parking on the side where traffic heads – not from where it comes. The buildings also stick out further than my vehicle; so I don’t at all block the view of pedestrians.

As far as emergency vehicle turning radius goes; there is plenty of room – an Academy Bus could make the turn.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been parking 16 feet from the corner because there’s a white line painted which is even with my front bumper.

The tickets I am getting state ‘No Parking within 25 feet of crosswalk’. It sounds like an ordinance intended for pedestrian safety; but instead its being used for town fundraising.

I would have no issue if there was consistency in enforcement, but even as we speak – there is a vehicle parked in that spot (no ticket yet) – along with a vehicle in my loading zone and cars double parked across the street.


My favorite are the people who double/triple park on Washington, effectively forcing all drivers to veer into oncoming traffic while the selfish jagoffs enjoy a slice at Benny Tudino’s or Hoboken Hot Bagels.