Workshop: Are vaccines safe and effective?

Parent workshop: Are vaccines safe and effective?

Tomorrow night, September 26th, the Holistic Parents of Hudson County “Group” is holding a workshop over at the Hoboken Business Center (50 Harrison St.) featuring Dr. Lawrence B. Palevsky entitled “Are Vaccines Safe and Effective?”

While the workshop announcement mentioned below indicates that the two-hour seminar and Q&A session will cover a range of topics – It doesn’t specifically say if they’re wholly FOR or AGAINST vaccines for children. So keep that in mind if you chose to pay the $30 entrance fee expecting to hear one particular stance on the subject. I surmise that since they mention “holistic,” that they probably lean towards staying clear most vaccines.

[411 Note: We’ve avoided the FLU shot for two decades and have had the flu for exactly one hour during that time… inquire within how to beat or outright prevent oncoming illnesses…]

Are Vaccines safe and effective Hoboken NJ workshop

Are Vaccines Safe and Effective? Dr. Palevsky will explain

In his workshop, Dr. Palevsky will engage us in an in-depth discussion on vaccine science, offer his experience on using a holistic approach to child care, and answer all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask regarding vaccines!

He’ll lead attendees in looking at the issues that drive us to make the decisions we make – many of which come to us through fear, bullying, uncertainty, and a lack of knowledge – and offer alternative thinking about the ways illnesses develop and disappear.

Here’s what will be discussed:

  • Current vaccine science and by whom it’s funded
  • How vaccines work
  • The role vaccine ingredients play when injected into infants and children
  • The effects of the ingredients on our children
  • Whether vaccines contribute to the development of chronic illnesses in children
  • How our children get into school if they’re not vaccinated
  • How the immune system works in babies and children

The meeting takes place in the Seminar Room of the Hoboken Business Center, and free parking is available in the HBC parking lot in the rear.

The cost of the event is $30, which goes towards covering our guest speaker’s fee.


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Not true, he never said there was a link. He said it’s something that should be studied. Parents were bringing kids of a similar age, similar symptoms, after having received MMR. All he said was to find out why this was happening and if there was a connection. This is not about vaccines being bad. It’s just about saying, maybe we need an alternative schedule Maybe there should be a limit to the amount of live viruses given at one time. Maybe start them a little later. Just like very medicine has side effects. Vaccines have them too.
There’s nothing wrong with asking a question and knowing exactly what type of ingredients and side effects are associated with any type of medicine including vaccines, it’s called informed consent.


The vaccine “debate” is no debate at all. Dr Andrew Wakefield conducted a study of 12 children to try to link MMR vaccines to autism. Besides the inherent weakness of a study with only 12 participants, he was found to have committed fraud, abused the children with invasive unnecessary medical procedures, have additional conflicts of interest, and every reputable medical journal, groups such as the NIH, CDC, the British equivalents of those, leading doctors, etc all have come to te same conclusion which is that he and his research are fraudulent. Additionally, this terrible misinformation has made vaccination of all sorts drop, resulting in the highest rates of previously suppressed illnesses such as whooping cough. Lastly, people like Jenny McCarthy, still espouse this debunked junk science from ther public platforms (didn’t know the Playboy Manaion had a medical school in it).