Maxwell Place Traffic Pattern Change

Maxwell Place Traffic Pattern Change at 11th St. in Hoboken

For as long as we’ve lived in Hoboken (pushing a couple decades!), 11th Street between Hudson Place and Sinatra Drive has always been closed to public vehicular traffic. Like a miracle from above, it finally looks like a Maxwell Place traffic pattern change is coming!

Whether it was the old Maxwell House Coffee plant, or the “dilapidated” remains it was after the the coffee giant moved on, this little stretch of road was never really open for cars to drive through. There was never a reason for it, but it was nice to see some paving happening on the west-bound lane this past week. Looks like they’re ready to finally set it free.

Ever since Maxwell Place opened, 11th Street was always one way eastbound, but it was still a pain to drive around this complex, with the limited exit points.

With that recent paving, one might surmise that the westbound lane might be close to opening. Will be interesting to see how the traffic pattern might change. I think for one, it might lessen the stress on the NW-bound traffic on Sinatra Drive due to exiting cars.

Maxwell Place Traffic Pattern Change 11th Street comes to life in Hoboken NJ - Maxwell Place Traffic Pattern Change

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