Hoboken cancels High School EMT program

Why did Hoboken cancel High School EMT program

Hoboken High School Senior Juan Antigua shares his feelings about a rather tragic turn of events here in town. The Hoboken High School Emergency Response Team program has been canceled by the “Superintendent” of our city school system. Ream more below…

Hoboken High School Ambulance HERT program canceled September 2013 - Hoboken cancels High School EMT program

HERT ambulance progam dropped in Hoboken

“I am writing to you because the students and alumni need your help. As of September 9th, 2013 Hoboken Superintendent cut the Hoboken High School Emergency Response Team (HERT). The program is a vital part of student education and provides logistical support to the City of Hoboken.

I would like to take a minute to provide you with some background information about the origin of the program:

The origin of HERT began nearly twelve years to the day. On that tragic day September 11th, 2001 – Hoboken High School seniors went down to the PATH Station were they lent a helping compassionate hand at the medical triage center. This medical triage center was set up for those who were sick and injured from the World Trade Center. The High School pupils knew they could do more – and established HERT more than a decade ago and we lasted until now…

HERT provides medical standbys for all Hoboken football games, in addition, to anything else the school wants an ambulance for. They also back up the City of Hoboken when the Volunteers are busy.

[411 note: We hear this often, and they have been vital in assisting – see this clip from ABC News…]

“Annually HERT competes in NJ Dept of EMS sponsored convention activities. In addition, activities hosted by the New Jersey State First Aid Council a lobbying agency for volunteer based EMS. And of course their services have remained free. During super storm Sandy HERT remained in operation pre, during, and post Sandy aftermath providing care selflessly to the citizens of Hoboken. Several other ambulances in Hoboken during Super Storm Sandy flooded and were incapacitated. However, HERT was generous enough to lend their only ambulance to HVAC for nearly six months so they can continue to perform their normal operations for Hoboken. Clearly these high school pupils have talent they are well trained, highly motivated pre-hospital medical clinicians.

I am a senior along with additional three more students that been in this program since freshman year, and now they want to take it away in our last year. We put so many hours and time in this program. Hoboken was impacted by Hurricane Sandy very badly, but our high school ambulance with students on board had that truck in service throughout the whole week, doing over 600 calls within one week with the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps. This program gives us many scholarships for college and an emergency medical technician certification, now without this program they are taking a lifetime opportunity from us, and there are additional 30 students that are joining this year. I guess the school doesn’t care about “students always come first.”

We need your help, this program means a lot to us the students and the community of Hoboken.”

Remember who you voted into the Hoboken Board of Education? Reformers? “Kids First?” More like “Yeah Right!”

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Friday, September 20, 2013 4:09 pm

This is an outrage. I am a current Hoboken resident that was a volunteer EMT in my hometown of Tenafly, NJ when I was in high school. While we did not have a seperate program for high school students, the school was incredible supportive and allowed us to leave class to help cover the town for daytime calls. This was an incredible experience and opportunity to grow as people. You learn about discipline, studying, proper documentation, teamwork, and compassion. It is unconscionable to shut down a wonderful program that has been developed for the students at Hoboken High to give back to their community. Why would you stifle the growth of students that are trying do do something responsible and productive with their free time?

Friday, September 20, 2013 10:15 am

Not only do I personally know Juan, I was treated by him at a local high school game when I was bitten by an unknown insect. Juan came to me with his concerns last week regarding the cancellation of this program. I was shocked when I heard the program was cancelled with no explanation. This service is an asset not only to Hoboken but to students who are interested in the medical field once they graduate. I along with many other residents would like this program to be reinstated, therefore I ask students and residents to attend the next Board meeting and voice your opinions.

Friday, September 20, 2013 7:30 am

This city can’t do anything right. They probably cancelled the program because it benefited families who didn’t donate to their political campaigns, so they said screw it. Killing Hoboken swiftly these people.

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