Hampton found a home!

1/22/2008 Final Update:

In case anyone was wondering, I’m happy to report that Hampton finally found a loving home!

A Hoboken411 reader reported:

“My husband and I visited Liberty Humane today to walk dogs, and we asked about Hampton, and he has apparently gone to a home where there are already two other rescued dogs in residence, and Hampton already has his own chair.”

hoboken dog adoption hampton - Hampton found a home!

12/28/2007 Update:

Bad news! Hampton had been adopted last week, however it turned out that the owner was allergic and had to be returned to the shelter! Oh no!

So that means, he’s in need of a home again! Hampton is lovable, easy to walk, and ready again to go to a nice home. Can anyone help save him?


Since many folks in Hoboken are dog-lovers, and especially with the success of finding “Bob” a home, a Hoboken411 reader thought it might help to find this sad little pup a home as well! Last time we checked, the dog still hasn’t found a home.

“Hi 411,

Can you do me a favor and post this? I was over at Petco in Secaucus on Saturday, and they had tons of beautiful cats for adoption and one pit bull terrier mix, Hampton. He was the kindest and most lovable dog and was playing with all the kids in the store. He was great with the other dogs too.

I spoke with the girl at the Liberty Humane Society and they have been desperately trying to find him a home because they are so overwhelmed with animals. She mentioned to me that he may not have much time left which crushed me. If I didn’t have a zoo of my own he would be here with me right now. Could you kindly post his picture and pass along this information?

Liberty Humane Society
235 Jersey City Blvd
Jersey City, NJ 07305
Email address: lhs@libertyhumane.org
Website: www.libertyhumane.org
Phone: 201-547-4147

Thanks so much.”

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Tama Murden

Just adding to the plea for someone to at least foster this dear dog, to help him in the transition to a new home.

Also making the pitch for folks to write a check, if anyone’s contemplating last-minute charitable contributions.

For Liberty Humane. The JC ASPCA could also use support.

Happy New Year, w/the hope that Hampton will spend his in someone’s home, instead of a cage.


FYI: There is no Petco in Secaucus. The originsl poster must mean PetSmart. Your link is wrong.


potatochip, I told 411…it was sort of a fluke. My husband went to Liberty Humane to buy a calendar, decided to walk a dog (we volunteer sometimes), and he called me (I’m in California right now) to tell me that he’d walked this great dog who’d had to be returned through no fault of anybody’s. He didn’t know that Hampton had been featured on Hoboken411. Sorry we can’t take him…we’re a one-dog household.


[quote comment=”59565″]My husband just walked Hampton today at Liberty Humane, and raved about him…so maybe someone can make Hampton’s New Year a great one.[/quote]

I hope so. I just wrote the girl who let me know about him to begin with and asked what I can do. Hell! I will take a forth dog if I need to. I do hope someone gives him a chance.