Ravi Bhalla SLAMMED

Councilman Ravi Bhalla SLAMMED by Hoboken resident

Ravi Bhalla slammed by Hoboken resident Perry Belfiore - Ravi Bhalla SLAMMEDAs you may already know, “Reform” Councilman at large Ravi Bhalla is under all sorts of ethics violations and has a checkered history. All while other “reform” members of the city administration turn the blind eye to such nefarious activity. Cui Bono?

Without further commentary, you can get the whole scoop from resident Perry Belfiore who has had it with such hypocrisy – and wasn’t afraid to share his thoughts with the body politic during the last Hoboken council meeting.

If this doesn’t cause you to re-evaluate your choices in the upcoming November election, then nothing will.

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Who else is going to hold this administration responsible? Come on… throwing $$ and preparing for a disaster that already happened. Smoke and mirrors.

And Melissa, how is it that each of your opinions seem to be written by the administration. An opinion for a paycheck? That is wrong on so many levels.


Ravi is one of the phoniest council people I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting in Hoboken. Hope he’s one and done.