One water main break after another

Hoboken water main breaks – one leads to the next, says UW

Water main breaks happen so often in Hoboken (almost up there with the number of struck pedestrian incidents), that it’s almost not worth mentioning anymore (unless it’s a citywide outage). You can just wake up every morning and ask yourself “So, where is today’s Hoboken water main break going to happen?”

Well – perhaps it isn’t quite that bad – but there was one particular break uptown earlier this past weekend. And workers from United Water said that the water infrastructure in Hoboken is so fragile, that when one break happens, and they have to shut the main down, greatly increases the chances of another one happening as a direct result of the increased pressure. Never ending.

Now if I were Mayor, I’d consider that a serious issue – probably near the top of my list of priorities. And before painting bike lanes or building pay-to-play artificial “parks,” I’d figure out a way to address the problem. Whether through a moratorium on building, or a way to make developers pay into the system for the added load on capacity. Something.

Hoboken Water Main Breaks a regular occurence  - One water main break after another

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Thursday, September 19, 2013 11:13 am

Another horror is the matter of sink holes that are appearing. I notice a very large one across the street from the Senior Citizen building on Bloomfield Street between Observer and Newark Street. This hole took up the entire length of a parking space which was reserved for a handicapped driver. I don’t know where the driver is able to park now, and this hole hasn’t been worked on for weeks now.

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