World War Zimmer – Dawn of the Dead

World War Zimmer – Dawn of the Dead

Continuing the newest Hoboken411 category today – Hoboken Cartoons, is another look at our current Mayoral administration – and in particular, the mindless “followers.” What we have going on in Hoboken is psychologically fascinating and deeply saddening at the same time. How a group of what some might consider otherwise “normal” people can get blind-sided, indoctrinated and hypnotized into being devout pawns for someone else is beyond human logic. The fact that some folks have no core, no soul and zero ability to think critically, challenge “authority,” and act independently is something we all should pray for, like ’em or not. Maybe one day they’ll wake up from the “Dawn of the Dead” and realize that “World War Zimmer” isn’t something they truly stand for inside. But then again, considering who is involved, your prayers will likely go unanswered until they get kicked to the curb once they’ve outlived their usefulness. Just sayin’.

This ‘toon was once again conceptualized by local Hoboken resident David Liebler – with artwork by Martin Kozlowski. It’s obviously a parody of that god-awful World War Z brainwashing flick from Brad Pitt.

More to come! Want your cartoon included? See below!

World War Zimmer Dawn of the Dead Hoboken NJ SM

About Hoboken Cartoons
Hoboken Cartoons is a feature on which displays various artistic, creative and comedic renderings which reflect life in the Mile Square city.

Ranging in nature from political satire, to random Hoboken connections – the Hoboken Cartoon category will be home for “all of the above.”

While there have been other categories dedicated to various stints of local cartoonists (such as Hobroken, Hobotown and others), we feel this new “general” category will be a good fit for local aspiring artists and creators.

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Great work keep them coming 😆

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